His And Her Marriage Chapter 444

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 444 – Unaware of Jonathan‘s intentions, Roxanne merely regarded it as a joke.

She calmly countered, “Don‘t make such a joke, Mr. Queen. Mr. Farwell already has a fiancée. Besides, I don’t have any plans for a romantic relationship.”

Then, will you consider him if he doesn‘t have a fiancée?” Jonathan pressed. Roxanne was startled for a moment.

The smile on her face gradually faded, and she ended the subject coldly. “It‘s late. I‘ve got to hurry home.

You should also go back in quickly, Mr. Queen.” After saying that, she climbed into her car straight away.

Before Jonathan could gather his wits about him, the car in front of him had already sped away.

It wasn‘t until after Roxanne‘s car had disappeared from sight that he snapped back to his senses.

Recalling her reaction earlier, he couldn‘t shake off the strangeness of it.

I asked whether she‘d consider Lucian, but her first reaction was that he had a fiancée…

After she left the Queen residence, a mix of emotions brewed within Roxanne on a rare occasion.

She had been busy with matters pertaining to the Damaris family recently, so she had tossed everything about the Farwell family into the back of her

Only occasionally did she hear Archie and Benny speaking about Estella when she went home.

Lucian, on the other hand, seemed to have vanished from her world.

Earlier, Jonathan had mentioned the man before her out of the blue and even proposed a question she had never once considered.

If he doesn‘t have a fiancée… Roxanne wavered for a while before she gave a self–deprecating chuckle.

How would he possibly allow such a possibility when he had been obsessed over Aubree for so many years?

On top of that, the lesson I learned six years ago was sufficient to have me give up on him. I don‘t want to repeat the same mistakes again.

By the time she arrived home, Archie and Benny were already home. When they saw her stepping into the house, they docilely trotted over.

But then, they weren‘t as enthusiastic as they were in the past. Ever since she started avoiding Estella, they appeared despondent every time she came home.

At the sight of them, Roxanne was inexorably reminded of Estella. “When will you be finished with work, Mommy?” Benny queried in curiosity.

Roxanne patted them on the head in consolation. “I‘m not sure either, but this matter is really important to me, so the two of you have got to behave.

When I‘m done with work, I‘ll bring you out to have fun, okay?”

The Damaris family would be choosing a collaboration partner after the medical onsultation concluded.

She didn‘t want any mistakes at any point in the process.

Archie and Benny were clearly not quite eager to go out and have fun, for they merely nodded woodenly upon hearing that.

huckling in exasperation, Roxanne led them both to the dining table. After dinner, Archie and Benny weren‘t in the mood to play either.

They retired to their room early. Roxanne dithered for some time before she followed them into their room.

When Archie and Benny saw her coming in, they obediently sat on the edge of the bed side by side.

With a smile on her face, Roxanne sat down beside them. “Are you both unhappy because Essie isn‘t happy?”

Archie and Benny kept their lips pressed into a thin line in silent admission. Seeing that, Roxanne lifted her hand and stroked them on the head.

“The two of you have always been very smart. But why are you so silly this time?” Archie and Benny tilted their heads in puzzlement.

“I like Essie a lot, too. But because of some reasons, I can‘t have too much contact with her. You should be understanding.

If she‘s unhappy at the kindergarten, you‘ve got to take good care of her on my behalf and make her happy.”

Roxanne then continued explaining patiently, “She doesn‘t just like me. She also likes the two of you very much.

As long as you treat her better, she‘ll definitely cheer up.”

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