His And Her Marriage Chapter 441

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 441 – The next morning, Roxanne was still fast asleep when a knock sounded on her door.

“Mommy!” Benny‘s childish voice called out from outside her bedroom. “Mommy, wake up!” The noise jolted Roxanne awake, and she quickly sat up.

Thinking that the children were calling her because something had happened, she hurried over to open the door without even brushing up.

When she opened the door, Archie and Benny greeted her with an innocent look.

Looking up at Roxanne with puppy eyes, they whined, “Mommy, will you send us to the kindergarten today?” Their eyes were filled with anticipation.

By then, Roxanne was fully awake. Upon hearing the boys‘ question, Roxanne was reminded of the disappointed looks on their faces the night before.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Roxanne finally agreed, “You boys go ahead and have breakfast first. I‘ll be down in a few.

After breakfast, I‘ll send you two to the kindergarten.” Archie‘s and Benny‘s eyes lit up. Nodding obediently, they immediately trotted downstairs.

After freshening up, Roxanne changed out of her pajamas. By the time she headed downstairs,

the two boys were already waiting for her patiently at the table. During breakfast, the two boys were warmer than usual.

They kept putting food onto Roxanne‘s plate.

Knowing the reason behind Archie‘s and Benny‘s joy, Roxanne felt a mild exasperation in her heart, but there was nothing she could do about them.

Remembering what Lucian had said to her the previous day, Roxanne could not help but agree with him.

Archie and Benny were perfectly normal kids, but as soon as they started whining, Roxanne found herself fulfilling every request they had and even
more so toward someone emotionally unstable like Estella.

Even though that was what she had told Lucian, it might not be effective. She had finally settled the problem with the research institute.

Moreover, she managed to get such an amazing opportunity. She really did not want Sonvato get in her way again.

Roxanne‘s gaze soften as she looked at the two boys beside her. In a nonchalant tone, she informed them,

“I‘ll send you guys to the kindergarten today, but I‘m going to be busy again soon. You will have to let Ms. Lane or Aunt Madilyn fetch you, okay?”

Archie and Benny looked at her suspiciously. “Isn‘t everything all right with the research institute now? What else are you busy with, Mommy?”

Roxanne took a deep breath before explaining patiently, “

There‘s this really awesome family of doctors who will be organizing a medical consultation in a few days.

I will be joining the consultation, so I need to prepare. This opportunity means a lot to me. You two have to be good, okay?”

Upon hearing Roxanne‘s explanation, Archie and Benny nodded reluctantly.

Even though they felt sorry for Estella, they would ultimately still prioritize Roxanne‘s work.

Seeing that her children were so thoughtful, Roxanne secretly sighed with relief. After breakfast, Roxanne brought the kids to the kindergarten.

It was so early that there were not a lot of people at the kindergarten gate. Roxanne scanned her surroundings.

When she did not see even a glimpse of Lucian or Estella, she felt the tension on her shoulders relax.

After bringing Archie and Benny to Pippa, Roxanne turned to leave, hoping to get away before the two arrived.

Archie and Benny, however, tried to get Roxanne to stay a little longer because Estella had not yet arrived.

They knew that Roxanne would be busy again soon, and it would be harder for Estella to meet Roxanne.

Archie and Benny did not want Estella to be upset. Needless to say, Roxanne was well–aware of the boys‘ plan.

After some words of comfort and encouragement, she quickly handed them over to Pippa and turned to leave without hesitation.

With their gazes on Roxanne‘s diminishing silhouette, Archie and Benny lowered their heads dejectedly, not knowing how to face a disappointed Estella.

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