His And Her Marriage Chapter 440

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 440 – Roxanne wasted no time at all in opening the forum that Harvey had recommended.

At first glance, the forum looked a little old. However, a lot of the posts were posted only a few minutes ago.

Most of them were discussing the medical consultation by the Damaris family.

Roxanne opened the thread one by one and browsed through the contents.

A lot of people on the forum had attached their resumes on the forum in hopes of standing a chance to participate in the medical consultation with the
Damaris family.

From the looks of it, everyone had an impressive background.

The more she browsed, the more Roxanne felt the need to work hard and perform well. If not, she would be disappointing all those who tried but did not
get the chance to participate in the consultation.

Only when she had scrolled till the very end did she see some information regarding the previous medical consultation held by the Damaris family.

It was revealed by an anonymous participant in the last medical consultation. Roxanne read the post word by word twice.

By the time she finished reading, she could almost memorize the whole thing.

according to the anonymous doctor, every time the Damaris family organized a medical consultation, they usually targeted congenital diseases.

The venue of the consultation would be abandoned orphanages or children‘s homes.

They would give free medical consultations to the children there, and the consultation would usually last three days.

In every medical consultation held by the Damaris family, all the participants were highly–achieved doctors of traditional medicine within the country.

Not only so, but the Damaris family themselves would send their younger family members to take part in the consultation.

Even though they were the juniors of the Damaris family, their medical skills were enough to make others gasp in awe.

Their skills were definitely worthy of respect. Of all the years of medical consultation, many children who had been abandoned because of their congenital diseases had finally gotten their treatment.

Some of them had even made it to the front covers of newspapers. However, the Damaris family was not mentioned in the papers.

That proved how low–key the Damaris family was despite their astonishing achievements.

Not only was Roxanne a mother herself, but she also had a child who had passed away too early.

Perhaps that was the reason why Roxanne had always had a soft spot for children.

After Roxanne learned about the target groups for the medical consultation, her admiration for the Damaris family increased.

To add to their admirable traits, the Damaris family had managed to investigate and come up with treatment plans for certain congenital diseases
from those medical consultations.

Their treatment plans had received so many positive results that they served as the gold standard in the traditional medical industry.

In the past few years, tens of thousands of children with congenital diseases had been treated every year because of the methods devised by the Damaris family, especially those complicated congenital diseases that put all famous doctors from all over the world at a loss.

As of then, tens of thousands of children getting treated every year sounded like a fantasy.

As Roxanne continued to research, the excitement in her heart to meet the Damaris family grew.

Among the list of diseases that the Damaris family had found the treatment for, Roxanne had researched some of them herself.

However, just as her research was about to yield results, the treatment for those diseases appeared out of nowhere.

Roxanne had carefully investigated the reliability and facts of the treatment. Upon finding out that it was reliable, she gave up on her own research.

At the same time, she respected the party who had come up with the treatment. However, never did she imagine it to be the Damaris family.

It was no wonder that the Damaris family managed to keep their legacy for generations upon generations.

Purely because the Damaris family had contributed so much to children, Roxanne yearned to have a good relationship with the Damaris family.

After all, she was someone who had lost a child. There was no one else who valued those precious little lives more than Roxanne.

For a moment, Roxanne sat in silence, wallowing in her emotions. A few minutes later, she recollected herself and clicked on other posts.

After browsing through most of the posts, Roxanne learned the basic flow of the medical consultation, which served as preparation for the consultation in a few days‘ time.

Roxanne was so immersed in reading about the Damaris family that she did not notice that it was past midnight.

When she finished reading about the Damaris family, it was almost one o‘clock in the morning At the thought of work tomorrow, Roxanne reluctantly switched off her laptop and left the study.

After a quick wash–up, Roxanne lay in bed with her mind still buzzing about the medical consultation.

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