His And Her Marriage Chapter 439

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 439 – Once Archie and Benny were comforted, Roxanne breathed out a sigh of relief.

After they finished eating, Roxanne sent Archie and Benny into their room before she entered the study.

According to Alfred, the medical consultation held by the Damaris family was in two days.

She needed to understand more about the consultation in advance.

Before that, she had only heard of the medical consultations by the Damaris family, but she had never really looked into it, and neither had she imagined
herself to be lucky enough to have the chance to participate in it.

Since the unexpected opportunity had landed in her hands, she was determined to perform well.

Without many leads for her to find out more about the process of the medical consultation, Roxanne could only use the most unreliable method–searching online –and hope for the best.

If she were lucky, she would be able to get a glimmer of information.

Unfortunately, the Damaris family was far too mysterious for the common men.

Despite the fact that the Damaris family had held multiple medical consultations before, the information that could be obtained online was quite miserable.

After a long while of searching but to no avail, Roxanne resorted to giving Harvey a call. Harvey answered the call in no time.

Without beating around the bush, Roxanne asked, “Professor Lambert, do you know anything about the Damaris family?”

Harvey was bewildered. “The Damaris family withdrew themselves from society a few years ago. Why the sudden question?”

“I heard that the Damaris family is having a medical consultation, so I was hoping to understand more about it.

Unfortunately, there isn‘t a lot of information regarding them online, which is why I‘m asking you.

I was hoping that you could provide some useful information,” explained Roxanne succinctly.

Upon hearing her explanation, Harvey responded with a hum before falling silent for a few seconds.

After a while, he replied, “I have been overseas all these years. Unfortunately, I do not know much about the Damaris family either.

However, if you want to know more about the family, I can recommend an online forum.

The contents of those forums usually revolve around prestigious families in the world of traditional medicine. Hope it helps.”

“Thank you, Professor Lambert,” Roxanne replied with a smile. Harvey smiled without giving it much thought before changing the subject.

“Didn‘t you say you‘ll be coming back soon? How are things going in Chanaea? Do you need my help?”

Harvey was in the loop about what had happened to Roxanne‘s research institute.

However, he could not be of much assistance because of the great distance between them.

Nevertheless, he had long prepared a project for Roxanne. As soon as she returned, she could immediately start working.

With an apologetic tone, Roxanne answered, “The issue with the research institute has been settled, but… I think I‘ll be staying here for a while longer.

I want to wait until the medical consultation with the Damaris family is over.”

If Roxanne could catch the attention of the Damaris family, her research institute would stand a chance to collaborate with them.

Naturally, Roxanne would not let go of such an opportunity so easily. On the other end of the line, Harvey grunted with a smile.

“But I‘m here waiting for you to be part of my main force.” Another wave of guilt hit Roxanne. “My apologies, Professor Lambert.

Just as she was about to apologize, Harvey burst out laughing. “All right, I‘m just kidding.

I allowed you to go back to Chania because I was hoping that you would hone your skills in traditional medicine when you were there.

Since such a golden opportunity has befallen you, as your professor, of course I want to wish you the best.

I hope you perform well during the consultation. Don‘t embarrass me.” Roxanne‘s lips curled into an obedient smile. “Don’t worry.

I‘ll do my absolute best.” “Don‘t worry about me here. Whenever you plan to come back, just give me a ring,” said Harvey sincerely.

Roxanne was touched. “Thank you, Professor.” After that, Harvey continued asking about Archie and Benny out of concern.

Knowing that the boys were doing fine, Harvey finally hung up the phone in relief.

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