His And Her Marriage Chapter 436

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 436 – After Lucian heard Jonathan‘s explanation, his expression began to soften.

He was well aware of Roxanne‘s personality. Traditional medicine was undoubtedly one of the most important things in Roxanne‘s life.

If such an opportunity were to fall into her hands, Roxanne would most definitely choose to stay in Chanaea and fight for the chance to collaborate with the Damaris family “What do you think of my idea?” Jonathan smiled proudly.

A small smile appeared on Lucian‘s face. “Not bad. If you can make her stay, I‘ll owe you a favor.”

Farwell Group did not venture deep into the medical industry and did not have many connections with the Damaris family. In other words, Lucian did not have much say in that matter.

Even if he did manage to score Roxanne an opportunity with the Damaris family, Roxanne might still reject the offer if Lucian was the one telling her about it. It would be too huge of a loss if that were to happen.

However, if Jonathan was the one who brought Roxanne the news, it would seem a lot more official.

Jonathan arched an eyebrow slyly in response. “You can repay me by giving me a monetary gift when you two get married.” With that, Jonathan stood up and left before Lucian could say another word.

After Jonathan exited Farwell Group, he did not go back to his company. Instead, he headed straight for the Queen residence. He had thought through the plan and decided that it would be far more convincing if Alfred were to tell Roxanne the news instead of himself.

If Alfred personally informed Roxanne about the opportunity, chances were s he would not think there was anything else to it.
As Jonathan stepped foot into the house, Alfred was exercising with the help of a caregiver.

Upon seeing Jonathan‘s sudden return, Alfred asked in confusion, “You‘re back already? Is there no more work back at the office?”
Jonathan walked over to help support Alfred‘s other arm with a smile. “Actually, Grandpa, I‘m here to discuss something with you.”

Alfred nodded slightly. “Go ahead.” “It‘s about the medical consultation held by the Damaris family. Is it all right if I ask you to talk to the Damaris family about Dr. Jarvis so that she can join the consultation? ” Jonathan asked.

Alfred was acquainted with the Damaris family. He might have a say in the medical consultation. Immediately, Alfred nodded. “Of course. I have already intended to do so even if you didn‘t ask me to.” The Queen family had been in the business of supplying herbs for ages.

That being said, the family had impeccable respect for traditional medicine.

In all his years in the industry, Alfred had never met anyone else as established in traditional medicine as Roxanne at such a young age, except for
the Damaris family.

Needless to say, Alfred would not miss such a golden opportunity. Moreover, Alfred could see Roxanne‘s passion for traditional medicine and knew how precious the opportunity would be to Roxanne.

The moment Alfred found out that the Damaris family would be having a medical consultation, he had already planned to introduce Roxanne to
the Damaris family.

Seeing that Alfred shared the same train of thought, Jonathan breathed a soft sigh of relief. “So… regarding the partnership with the Damaris family at the
research institute…” he asked cautiously, testing the waters.

Naturally, Alfred caught on to what Jonathan was implying. Instantly, he tossed a meaningful gaze at his grandson.

“Do you have feelings for Dr. Jarvis?” Jonathan was rendered speechless. He had no other feelings for Roxanne except admiration.

Furthermore, Roxanne was someone Lucian had his eye on. How could Jonathan betray his friendship with Lucian by catching feelings for Roxanne?

To his dismay, everyone seemed to have a misunderstanding on that matter, and he was beyond exasperated.

At the sight of Jonathan‘s expression, Alfred realized that he had been mistaken and flashed his grandson an understanding smile.

“Okay. Now, regarding t he issue, the Damaris family are the ones looking for a partner. They will be the ones with the final say.

I do not have much say in this matter.” “I‘m just informing you beforehand.

When it comes down to the Queen family and Dr. Jarvis, and the Damaris family chooses Dr. Jarvis‘ research instituteover ours, please don‘t be disappointed.”

Alfred merely chuckled nonchalantly. “Dr. Jarvis is a skilled competitor. Besides, if the Damaris family believes that she‘s a better fit,

what is there for me t o say? Don‘t worry. There will be no disappointments on my end.”

Seeing how open–minded Alfred was regarding the matter, Jonathan felt relieved. “

In that case, I will need your help to inform Dr. Jarvis about this opportunity.” Alfred agreed without any hesitation.

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