His And Her Marriage Chapter 435

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 435 – Seeing that Jonathan was full of confidence, Lucian asked, “What is it? Stop keeping me in suspense.”

Jonathan broke into a casual smile. “To further develop traditional medicine, our country provides the best environment to do so. I‘m sure that was Dr. Jarvis‘ objective when she chose to return. It‘s just…”

Here, Jonathan threw Lucian a glance. There was no need for him to finish his sentence.

Roxanne had come back to Chanaea so that she could expand the field of traditional medicine. Unfortunately, she didn‘t expect to run into the Farwell family and be forced to leave.

Meeting Jonathan‘s gaze, the frustrated Lucian grimaced.

“But if the proposition is attractive enough, I‘m sure Dr. Jarvis will be willing to stay for the sake of traditional medicine research,” Jonathan said. “I‘m sure you have heard about the prestigious families who live in seclusion within Chanaea.

Among them, the Damaris family used to cause waves within the field of ancient medicine.

Unfortunately, they gradually faded out of the public eye. But they have recently prepared to come out of seclusion to provide medical consultation. I‘m sure Dr. Jarvis will be interested in the matter.”

Even Lucian couldn‘t help but be shocked when he heard about the Damaris family.

At present, the most prestigious family within the medical fraternity in Horington was the Queen family. Even then, they paled in comparison to the Damaris family.

For generations, the Damaris family had worked closely with traditional medicine practitioners. In fact, legend had it that their ancestor was once a royal doctor who not only possessed extraordinary medical skills but had kept a collection of books on ancient medicine from the palace.

Subsequently, these books were handed down through the generations to this day.

Whenever someone doubted the family‘s heritage, they would prove their skills and the authenticity of their medical books, humiliating their detractors in the process.

At present, those ancient medicine books had naturally become priceless treasures.

Having stayed away from the limelight for a long period of time, the Damaris family had been revealing themselves slowly again. Every few years, they would send someone out to provide medical consultation although the time was never fixed. Whoever needed their services would have to rely on luck.

Despite being one of the most prestigious families in Horington‘s medical circle, the Queen family only got wind of the matter because of Alfred‘s relations
hip with the Damaris family.

Since Roxanne specialized in traditional medicine, she would definitely have heard of the Damaris family.

Therefore, if she were to learn about the Damaris family‘s medical consultation, it might be reason enough for her to stay back in Chanaea.

When Jonathan saw the thoughtful expression on his friend‘s face, he dropped another bomb with a smile. “On top of that, the Damaris family isn‘t just stopping at providing medical consultation this time.

I heard that after the event, they plan to set up a research institute in Chanaea to further expand the influence of traditional medicine.

They will be looking for other organizations to collaborate with. In my opinion, other than Dr. Jarvis‘ research institute, no one else is worthy enough to do so. I’m sure Dr. Jarvis will take the initiative to work with them once she learns of this news.”

Putting aside the fact that he was trying to help out a friend, Jonathan meant what he said.

After all, he had seen Roxanne‘s medical skills with his very own eyes.

Throughout the years, none of the famous doctors from all over the world had been able to cure Alfred until Roxanne appeared.

No one else in Chanaea was more skilled than Roxanne when it came to traditional medicine.

Jonathan had planned to take advantage of the opportunity on behalf of Queen Group.

After all, the Damaris family would probably work with them out of respect for Alfred.

However, if Roxanne was to be his competitor, he was more than happy to step aside to give her the opportunity.

After all, Queen Group was already working with Roxanne‘s research institute and would, by association, be collaborating with the Damaris family too.

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