His And Her Marriage Chapter 437

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 437 – That night, Roxanne went personally to the Queen residence to show her gratitude.

During dinnertime, Alfred conveniently brought up the news regarding the Damaris family.

“Dr. Jarvis, the Damaris family is planning to have a medical consultation. Would you be interested in being a part of it?

If you‘re interested, I can help introduce you to them.” The shock was written all over Roxanne‘s face.

Even though she had mostly been living overseas, the Damaris family was no stranger to her.

In the world of traditional medicine, the Damaris family was nothing short of legendary.

The younger ones in the industry would always hear about the legacy of the Damaris family, yet they rarely stood a chance to meet them in person.

Because Roxanne had been overseas for so long, it was even harder for her to have any encounter with the Damaris family.

Even so, she had longed to meet and interact with them. After all, the Damaris family was extremely skilled in traditional medicine.

The family also owned an array of books on traditional medicine that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Everything regarding the Damaris family left Roxanne in awe.

For her to achieve the medical skills she had as of then, a huge contributing factor was the few ancient books on traditional medicine that Harvey owned.

The books owned by the Damaris family were far greater than the ones her professor owned.

Every single book was so rare and precious that not even wealth can guarantee someone those books.

To those who studied traditional medicine, those books were worth far more than gold or silver.

If she got a chance to read those books or even just to have the guidance of the elders of the Damaris family,

Roxanne had no doubt that her medical skills would improve greatly.

Before she returned to Chanaea, Roxanne had planned to visit the Damaris family if given the chance.

To her disappointment, when she returned to Chamara, she found out that the Damaris family had withdrawn themselves from society a couple of years a

It seemed as though the family had stopped interacting with people that they did not know.

It would be near impossible for someone like her, a newbie without any foundation, to even touch the doorknob of the Damaris residence.

Adding the hindrance of Farwell Group into the picture, Roxanne had no choice but to give up on that plan of hers.

When she heard the offer being presented by Alfred, Roxanne felt as though she was dreaming.

“I‘m extremely interested, but would it be too much trouble for you? I.. heard that the Damaris family had not had any contact with strangers these past few years…”

At the sight of Roxanne‘s surprised expression and knowing her undeniable love for traditional medicine, Alfred was delighted.

“I suppose you can say that I‘m acquainted with the Damaris family. It shouldn‘t be too hard for me to score you a place in the me dical consultation,”

lfred reassured with a smile. “But if I were to curry favor on your behalf, you must perform exceptionally. Don‘t embarrass me.”

Even after hearing Alfred‘s words, Roxanne was still a little hesitant. “Old Mr. Queen, the Queen family has already blessed me greatly.

You don‘t need to do this for me.” Before she could even finish speaking, Alfred glared at her in disagreement. Roxanne quickly went silent.

“You saved my life. You deserve every bit of the things the Queen family has given you. Plus, I‘m willing to introduce you to the Damaris family.

It‘s a decision I have put a lot of thought into. As a prestigious family in the medical world , people like me are supposed to support bright, young people like you.

There aren‘t a lot of young people specializing in traditional medicine in Chanaea anymore. You have a lot of potential in you.

If you can get the chance to interact with the Damaris family, it can serve as an opportunity for you to hone and improve your medical skills.

If you miss this opportunity, even I will feel sorry for you!” At this moment, Jonathan chimed in, “Indeed.

Dr. Jarvis, I have seen your me dical skills with my own eyes.

Not to mention that the Damaris family is planning to build a research institute in Chanaea after the medical consultation, they‘re looking for a partner.

If you can get their attention from the medical consultation, your research institute might stand a chance to collaborate with them.”

Roxanne felt a tug in her chest when she heard the news. She instantly agreed, “In that case, thank you for giving me this opportunity,

Old Mr. Queen! Don‘t worry. I will not let you down!” Alfred responded with a joyful grin.

At the same time, Jonathan secretly sighed in relief and immediately texted Lucian about the news.

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