His And Her Marriage Chapter 434

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 434 – “No wonder you asked me previously about when Dr. Jarvis was traveling to Summerbank.

And yet, I was thinking that you were pestering me about my job. Little did I expect that it was for selfish reasons!” Jonathan teased Lucian when he finally connected the dots.

Lucian responded with a silent but grim look on his face.

I did do it for my own selfish reasons, but Roxanne wasn‘t grateful at all.

Raising his brows, Jonathan pressed on, “In that case, you must have attended the banquet that night. So, how did it go? Did you make any progress with

As soon as he said those words, he saw the gloomy look on Lucian‘s face.

Looks like it‘s obvious that there isn‘t any improvement at all.

Jonathan was still confounded by the situation.

Despite all that Lucian has done to pursue her, why is she still unmoved? This is the first time I have seen Lucian put so much effort into courting a lady.

Anyone else in Roxanne‘s position would have thrown herself unreservedly into his arms. For Dr. Jarvis to have caused Lucian so much grief, she truly is one of a kind. That aside, what‘s this friend of mine thinking?

Why won‘t he give up on the woman who keeps infuriating him?

Confused by it all, Jonathan couldn‘t help but ask, “Is she still ignoring you like before?”

Lucian furrowed his brows and remained silent.

“Lucian, what do you plan to do about Dr. Jarvis? You‘ve done so much for her, but she continues to disregard your feelings. Are you sure you want to keep this up?” Jonathan just couldn‘t imagine how much his friend coveted Roxanne.

At the side, Cayden, who had heard the comment, snuck a glance at Lucian and recalled Roxanne‘s frosty attitude toward his boss,

Ever since she returned to the Chanaea, he had always been there to witness all of Lucian and Roxanne‘s interactions. It was obvious to him that Roxanne was trying her best to avoid Lucian.

Yet, Lucian had never stopped showing his concern for her.

This time, it looks like Mr. Farwell‘s feelings are for real.

With that thought in mind, Cayden tactfully replied on behalf of Lucian. “Mr. Queen, considering how well you know Mr. Farwell, I‘m sure it‘s obvious to you how serious he is in getting Ms. Jarvis to stay by his side.”

Just as he spoke, both men turned toward Lucian to see his reaction.

Lucian‘s ensuing silence was an implicit acknowledgment of Cayden‘s words.

Jonathan pondered a moment before replying with a smile, “In that case, I‘ll definitely help you come up with a plan. Didn‘t you previously mention that you wanted me to get her to stay instead of going overseas?”

Lucian cocked his brow slightly, cognizant of what Jonathan‘s plan was.

“Now that the issues at the research institute have been resolved, Dr. Jarvis would likely return overseas once the institute‘s collaboration with the few companies has stabilized,” Jonathan analyzed calmly.

Lucian‘s face darkened.

It‘s true that considering her current attitude toward me, she will leave without hesitation once her job is done. If I don‘t send someone to keep an eye on her, she could leave without me knowing.

The thought of Roxanne disappearing from his life again caused him to furrow his brows. He asked Jonathan, “What do you suggest?”

Sensing his friend‘s anger, Jonathan cracked a confident smile.

“Don‘t forget about what I do for a living.

As someone from the medical industry, I know better than anyone else what Dr. Jarvis wants. If I‘m not mistaken, she specializes in traditional medicine. In that case, there‘s no way she will refuse the opportunity I‘m going to provide her with.”

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