His And Her Marriage Chapter 433

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 433 – During his drive, Roxanne‘s scathing words continued to fill his mind.

He had thought that bringing Estella to see her would cause her heart to waver. Yet little did he expect her to be so stone–hearted.

Despite Essie‘s concern for her, she could still say something as harsh as not to bring Essie to see her anymore. Roxanne truly hates the sight of me.

When Lucian arrived at the office, his expression was as gloomy as ever.

“Mr. Farwell,” Cayden greeted respectfully. “Mr. Queen came by in the morning and is waiting in your office.”

Getting a grip of himself, Lucian nodded in acknowledgment before walking to his office with Cayden following closely behind.

The moment he stepped in, he saw Jonathan sitting languidly on the couch with some documents beside him.

At the sight of Lucian, Jonathan picked up the papers with a smile and took a seat opposite the former at his desk. With a raised brow, he inquired, “Why are you late today?”

Lucian furrowed his brows. “I dropped Estella off at the kindergarten.”

Jonathan nodded knowingly, then handed him the documents and began their discussion on the project.

Due to the two families‘ close relationship and the many happy collaborations they had previously shared, the two men managed to wrap up their discussion quickly.

Despite getting the conclusion he was looking for, Jonathan didn‘t leave at once. Instead, he shifted the topic over to Roxanne.

“By the way, my contact in Summer bank has called me, saying that the partnership negotiations with Dr. Jarvis have been completed. From the looks of it, everything is proceeding smoothly.”

Jonathan was indirectly trying to claim credit from Lucian.

At the mention of Roxanne, Lucian couldn‘t help but think of her earlier words, which caused a gloomy expression to descend upon his face.

Baffled by his friend‘s reaction, which was the opposite of what he had expected, Jonathan wrinkled his brows. “Why do you look upset when I bring up Dr. Jarvis? Did something happen between the two of you that I don‘t know of?”

Before Lucian could respond, Jonathan advised him in a solemn tone, “Everyone knows how you treated Dr. Jarvis back then.

Consequently, you will have to be patient in your quest to win her back. Also, don‘t forget that she‘s a woman and also Essie‘s birth mother. That alone requires you to bear with her.”

“I know,” Lucian replied noncommittally.

Having only received a cursory answer to his well–intentioned advice, Jonathan was momentarily stunned. “What do you know?

Lucian swept a glance at him. “The collaboration with Roxanne is going well.”

In other words, everything Jonathan had said just now was for naught.

Jonathan sighed in resignation. Suddenly struck by the meaning behind Lucian‘s words, he gave him a puzzled look. “How did you know?”

All this while, I have been responsible for liaising with the medicinal herb supplier from Summer bank. As for Roxanne, she will definitely not inform Lucian of the matter on her own accord.

Holding that thought, Jonathan gave his friend a suspicious look.

Did he get his men to spy on Dr. Jarvis?

“I went to Summer bank in the last two days and only returned yesterday,” Lucian said casually.

Surprised, Jonathan gave the matter further thought and realized that the period Lucian had traveled coincided with Roxanne‘s.

On top of that, he recalled Lucian asking him specifically for the time of Roxanne‘s visit to Summer bank.

In that case, it does make sense if Lucian, too, traveled to Summer bank after learning of Roxanne‘s trip. Furthermore, he would definitely have attended the banquet held on that particular evening.

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