His And Her Marriage Chapter 432

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 432 – Just as Roxanne reach out to take Estella‘s bag, Lucian retracted his hand with an emotionless expression.

He turned around and walked in front of them. “Let‘s go.”

Roxanne regained her senses only when the children gave her sleeve a tug.

She held their hands and followed Lucian from behind.

Pippa was already waiting at the kindergarten entrance.

At the sight of the group, she smiled and said to Roxanne, “Ms. Jarvis, it‘s been a long time since I saw you.”

Lysa or Madilyn had been the ones to bring the children to school recently.

There was no denying that some time had passed since Roxanne had last come.
“It has indeed been a while,” Roxanne replied. “Did Archie and Benny give you any trouble in class?”

Pippa quickly waved her hands. “Both of them are the most obedient students in class. There‘s nothing for you to worry about.”

Relieved by that, Roxanne handed the children over to Pippa.

Estella, however, grabbed Roxanne‘s hand and refused to let go.

She was reluctant to part with the latter as a long time had passed since they had last seen each other.

Even though Roxanne felt her heart melt over Estella‘s reluctance to part, she had to steel herself and pry open the little girl‘s hands. After all, classes were about to start, while she, too, had to go to work.

“Be a good girl, Essie. I have to go to work now. Why don‘t you play with Archie and Benny?”

Displeasure was written all over Estella‘s face.

Seeing that, Archie and Benny quickly held Estella‘s hand and comforted her, “We‘ll play with you, Essie. There‘s no need to be sad.”

Estella wanted to ask Roxanne if she could stay instead of going back overseas, but she decided against it, as she was afraid of being disappointed by the answer.

As Estella refused to go in, Roxanne couldn‘t bear to leave as well.

Just when she felt lost, Lucian discreetly walked into the space between her and Estella, blocking the latter‘s view.

“Ms. Jarvis and, I still have to go to work. Since it‘s time for class now, you should go in together with the brothers.” Lucian leaned forward to help Estella wear her school bag. He put his hands on her shoulders authoritatively and turned her around.

It was only then that Estella trudged into the kindergarten behind Archie and Benny.

Looking at the children‘s backs, Roxanne sighed to herself. She forced a smile to bid Pippa goodbye before turning around to return to her car.

Just when she had taken two steps, Lucian‘s voice rang out from behind her.

“Are you feeling better?”

The reason he had agreed to bring Estella to see Roxanne was also to check on the latter‘s condition. However, they hadn‘t had the opportunity to speak prior to that moment.

Hearing that, Roxanne felt a strange sensation in her heart.

Lucian, whose eyes had darkened, was about to continue when he saw her turn around to give him a look.

“I‘m feeling a lot better. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Farwell.” Roxanne gave him a distant look. “Also, I hope you’ll avoid bringing Essie to my house going forward. It puts me in a difficult position.”

Roxanne might not be able to say those words to Estella, but she had no problems doing so to Lucian.

Lucian‘s face fell. “You should save those words for Essie. Besides, you, too, are aware of her condition. Once she kicks up a fuss, I have no choice but to give in to her.”

With that, he got into his car before Roxanne could react.

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