His And Her Marriage Chapter 431

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 431 – After finishing breakfast with mixed feelings, Roxanne led Estella out of the dining room.

She had barely stepped out when she noticed the prevailing tension in the living room.

The brothers were kneeling on the couch with stern looks on their faces, keeping a close eye on Lucian who was standing at the side as if he had gravely offended them.

When she saw the boys‘ expressions, Roxanne couldn‘t help frowning.

She had assumed that they resented Lucian because of her.

However, she recalled that they had been fine with him the very first time all of them met.

As of then, her only goal was to stay away from Lucian, but the brothers see med to be holding a grudge against him.

No matter how hard she tried, Roxanne couldn‘t figure out the reason why.

When the brothers saw Roxanne leading Estella out, they shifted their gazes away from Lucian and welcomed the two with vibrant smiles. “Mommy!”

Setting her thoughts aside, Roxanne reciprocated with a grin of her own.

Archie and Benny gave Estella a warm look. “Is Essie going to kindergarten with us?”

Roxanne glanced at Lucian.

That was what she had decided during breakfast, but she was unsure of his stance.

Without a word, Lucian stepped right out of the door.

Stunned, Roxanne led the children out and saw Lucian looking at them from his car.

She lowered her head to look at Estella, who let go of her hand.

Estella ran up to Lucian‘s car and stood by the window, giving him a pitiful look. She wanted to be by Roxanne‘s side.

Lucian could naturally tell what his daughter was thinking and also sense the guilt Roxanne felt for the girl. Thus, he gave his permission. “You can ride with Ms. Jarvis.

With her eyes glistening in delight, Estella skipped happily back to Roxanne‘s side.

“Ms. Jarvis, Daddy said I can go with you!”

Sighing in relief, Roxanne tousled Estella‘s hair and brought Estella to her car.

She had assumed that Lucian would leave after handing Estella over.

However, right after she settled the children into the car, she noticed the Bentley in front of them gradually pulling away and driving in the direction of the kindergarten.

Roxanne followed the Bentley from behind, puzzled.

On the way, the car was filled with the children‘s excited voices.

Estella was visibly ecstatic, as she was a lot chattier than usual. After all, it had been a while since she had gone to kindergarten with the brothers.

Roxanne couldn‘t help but think about her dinner with Jonathan the weekend before. He had mentioned Estella‘s recent mood swings to her.

Back then, he had even suggested that Estella‘s condition might improve if Roxanne stayed with her.

At that moment, she could tell that he was right.

Nonetheless, she had no right to keep Estella by her side, and Sonya would never allow it.

When she saw Estella‘s vibrant smile in the rearview mirror, a sense of reluctance descended upon her. In fact, she began to wish for their journey to be longer.

Before Estella could have enough fun, the kindergarten came into their view.

As she watched the Bentley gradually come to a stop, Roxanne, too, stopped her car some distance away before getting out of the car with the children.

At the same time, Lucian, with a pink school bag in his hand, alighted from his car and approached them.

It was then that Roxanne remembered that Estella‘s school bag was in his car.

What on earth is in that mind of his? He could‘ve handed me the bag and gone straight to the office.

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