His And Her Marriage Chapter 430

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 430 – Roxanne‘s words caused Lucian to cock his brow as he looked down at Estella, whose hand he was holding.

Estella, visibly nervous, was hanging her head in dejection as she tightened her grip on his hand.

Trailing his gaze and noticing the disappointment on Estella‘s face, Roxanne felt her heart melt.

In the past, Estella would have jumped with joy at the sight of her. But on that day, she looked apprehensive and was wary of getting close.

It must be because I told her to keep her distance before I went overseas the last time. Archie and Benny have been talking about her when they are home. She must be missing me.

Roxanne sighed in her heart. She leaned closer to stroke Estella‘s hair before consoling her, “I‘m all right. I just didn‘t want you to worry. Look, don‘t I look fine to you?”

Estella, feeling the warmth from Roxanne‘s palm, briefly hesitated before pursing her lips and raising her head to stare at the latter.

The moment their eyes met, Roxanne‘s tender smile brimmed with affection.

Only then did Estella gradually curl her lips, albeit lacking in courage to approach Roxanne still.

Seeing that Roxanne didn‘t return after a long while, the curious Archie and Benny went to the door to check.

When they saw the two visitors at the door, both of them exchange hesitant glances.

They were delighted to see Essie but were reluctant to let Lucian come in.

They felt conflicted and didn‘t know how to face the visitors.

“Mommy.” After a moment‘s hesitation, they finally came up to Roxanne.

She threw both of them a glance. “Have you finished your breakfast?”

Nodding obediently, they flashed Estella a smile before giving Lucian a wary look. “Mr. Farwell, what are you doing here?”

With a slight frown, Lucian replied earnestly, “It‘s not me. It‘s Essie.”

Estella nodded in acknowledgment, giving the brothers a pitiful stare.

She could sense their hostility toward Lucian, and she didn‘t like it. She hoped they would like both Roxanne and Lucian, just like her.

Meeting Estella‘s sad eyes, the brothers knitted their brows in silence.

Roxanne turned her attention to Estella. “Essie, have you had breakfast? Why don‘t you come in and join us?”

Delighted by the invitation, Estella gave Roxanne a fervent nod.

Roxanne stroked Estella‘s hair while smiling before extending her hand to the latter.

With a glint in his eyes, Lucian released Estella‘s hand without a word and followed them into the living room.

As the brothers were done with their breakfast, they sat in the living room and waited for Roxanne and Estella to finish theirs while keeping an eye on Lucian.

Even though Lucian felt helpless underneath the brothers‘ watchful eyes, he didn‘t react in any way and allowed them to continue monitoring him.

In the dining room, Estella, who had actually had her breakfast before coming, simply wanted to spend more time with Roxanne.

During the meal, she would check on Roxanne every now and then. When she saw that the latter still looked pale, she would serve her more food out of concern.

Having been cared for by the children for the entire morning, Roxanne felt touched but guilty at the same time.

Despite Estella‘s affection for her, she had no choice but to stay away from her because of Lucian.

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