His And Her Marriage Chapter 429

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 429 – Roxanne felt a lot better when she woke up the next morning.

Recalling that she was to send the children to the kindergarten, she got up and washed up before opening the door to head downstairs.

Just as she did, she was greeted by the sight of the two boys at the door.

Looking forward to their mother sending them to kindergarten, the excited Archie and Benny had woken up early to wait at Roxanne‘s door.

Their initial plan was to knock and wake her up, but they decided against it, as she wasn‘t feeling well. Not wanting to disturb her rest, they resigned them selves to waiting outside.

When Roxanne came out of her room, the boys‘ eyes lit up. “Mommy!”

Roxanne stroked their heads. “Come along now. Let‘s have breakfast before I send you to the kindergarten.”

Both of them nodded as they held Roxanne‘s hand, one on each side of her.

Every now and then, they would look up at her to ascertain if she had fully recovered.

When they arrived downstairs, Lysa had already prepared breakfast. Madilyn, too, was already seated at the table.

At the sight of them, Madilyn got to her feet and looked at Roxanne. “How are you feeling?”

“A lot better.” Roxanne smiled. “I‘ll send them to the kindergarten later.”

Madilyn nodded in relief. “I‘ll head out first, then.”

She had dropped by first thing in the morning because of her concern for Roxanne‘s health.

Roxanne was about to invite her to stay for breakfast when Madilyn said, “I‘ve already eaten. You guys enjoy your breakfast. I‘ll take my leave now.”
Roxanne didn‘t insist upon hearing Madilyn‘s words.

After bidding the boys goodbye, Madilyn turned and left.

Subsequently, Roxanne seated the children at the dining table before attempting to serve them food.

However, the two boys beat her to it by serving her breakfast and urged her in their squeaky voices, “Mommy, please dig in.”

Roxanne was briefly stunned, but quickly, she broke into a warm smile. “Thank you. Darlings.”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang while they were having their breakfast.

Thinking that it was Madilyn who had come back, Roxanne told the boys to continue eating while she went to get the door.

The moment she saw who it was, Roxanne was stunned.

Lucian, dressed sharply in a suit with his hair combed meticulously, was standing at the door. He was holding Estella‘s hand and staring at Roxanne

As for Estella, she was looking at Roxanne blankly, her eyes filled with concern.

The father and daughter stood motionless at the door.

It took Roxanne a while to regain her senses. She furrowed her brows at Lucian and said, “Mr. Farwell, what are you doing here so early in the morning?”.
Unable to bring herself to glower at Estella, she could only confront Lucian.

No sooner had she spoken than she felt her sleeve being tugged by Estella.

She looked down and could see the concern brimming in Estella‘s eyes.

When they made eye contact, Estella asked carefully, “Ms. Jarvis, are you feeling better?”

Roxanne was stunned by the question. She had no idea what Estella was asking about.

Noticing the confusion on Roxanne‘s face, Lucian explained in a deep voice, “When I came home yesterday, Essie caught your scent on me and asked ab
out what happened. I had no choice but to tell her you weren‘t feeling well.”

Roxanne frowned slightly. “I‘m fine. Why did you have to tell her?”

She only didn‘t want Estella to worry, but the latter pouted aggrievedly, thinking that Roxanne didn‘t want to see her.

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