His And Her Marriage Chapter 428

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 428 – Meanwhile, Estella was sprawled on the coffee table, playing with Legos when Lucian returned to the manor.

As she spent a lot of time with Archie and Benny, she was influenced by their habits and had gotten Lucian to buy her plenty of Legos.

Taking into consideration that she would be playing alone, Lucian had bought her a smaller set that fitted perfectly on the coffee table.

Seeing him enter, Estella glanced at the door and got to her feet to welcome him. However, all she did was stand by his side and stared at him in silence.
At the sight of her, Lucian couldn‘t help but be reminded of Roxanne.

Despite her being overwhelmed by fear on the plane, all she could think of were Archie and Benny. Little does she know that Essie is her daughter too.

Holding that thought, Lucian stroked Estella‘s head bitterly.

“Ms. Jarvis,” Estella called out all of a sudden.

Stunned, Lucian met her gaze with a frown and gradually retracted his hand.

Estella, with her lips pursed and looking upset, reached out to grab his hand and commented in a piping voice, “The smell on your hand… It belongs to M
s. Jarvis.”

Lucian lowered his head to look at his hand.

Roxanne had held his hand throughout the entire journey on the plane just now.

Wrinkling her nose to take a sniff, Estella walked up to Lucian slowly and stated earnestly, “Daddy, you smell like Ms. Jarvis too.”

Having said that, she pouted unhappily.

Since Daddy is carrying Ms. Jarvis‘ scent, they must have met each other. I have not seen her in a very long time.

Estella gave her father an angry look before storming back upstairs without a word.

Puzzled by her sudden anger, Lucian hurried after her.

Fuming, Estella hugged her knees as she sat on the carpet in the room. Upon hearing footsteps at the door, she quickly looked up before recovering her
gaze just as swiftly.

“Are you angry?” Lucian asked in a deep voice.

Estella threw him a glance, then turned her head in the opposite direction in resentment.

Ms. Jarvis has been avoiding me because of Daddy. But now that she has met with Daddy, she‘s still unwilling to see me.

As Estella‘s father, Lucian could more or less guess what was on her mind. “

You don‘t want Ms. Tarvis to leave, no? I, too, am racking my brains to get her to stay. That‘s why I met up with her.

I have her scent on me because she wasn‘t feeling well after coming back. So I sent her back after that.”

Estella, who was giving Lucian a dubious look, was filled with concern the moment she heard Roxanne was unwell. “What happened to Ms. Jarvis?”

Worried that she would be traumatized by the events on the plane, Lucian said, “It‘s nothing, really. She‘s just feeling under the weather.”

Estella, with her lips pursed, looked at Lucian in disbelief. “I want to visit Ms. Jarvis!”

Want to see Ms. Jarvis!

Lucian cocked a brow in response.

Considering Rozanne‘s stance, I‘m afraid she doesn‘t want to see me again.

It‘s just that she has a soft spot for Essie. If I take Essie along, then perhaps..

Lucian curled his lips mysteriously and agreed to Estella‘s request. “Fine. I‘ll take you there tomorrow.”

Estella was dumbstruck. He did not expect him to agree readily.

“Rest early now. You still have school tomorrow. We‘ll go over in the morning.

” Lucian tousled her hair.

Only then did Estella regain her senses. Looking forward to seeing Roxanne the next day, she nodded obediently.

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