His And Her Marriage Chapter 427

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 427 – Although Roxanne had repeated multiple times that she felt fine, Madilyn could not feel at ease. and hence, she examined her body thoroughly.

In the end, she concluded that Roxanne had mild post–traumatic stress. With sufficient rest, she would surely recover.

Roxanne did not want the kids to speculate, so she went downstairs after getting a short rest.

Right then, Lysa was serving dinner. She was about to head upstairs and check if Roxanne wanted to join them, only to realize that Roxanne was already up.

“How are you feeling? Can you eat these? Otherwise, I can make you some soup.” Lysa was very concerned.

Roxanne‘s face was no longer as pale as before. She shook her head and replied, “Don‘t trouble yourself. I don‘t have much appetite, anyway. I can eat anything that‘s already been prepared.”

With that, she took her seat at the dining table.

Archie and Benny, who were in the living room, dashed over to surround Roxanne the moment they heard her voice.

As their gazes met, Roxanne ruffled their hair. “Don‘t worry. I‘m all good after getting a good nap.”

The two kids looked away. They were still downcast, and their eyes were filled with concern.

They had always been with Roxanne since they were young and had seen her flying everywhere for work. Thus, they knew very well that she did not have any motion sickness.

They wondered what went wrong during the flight home.

Seeing that both her sons were unhappy, Roxanne shot Madilyn a helpless glance to request her intervention. She was in a dilemma. She could not tell her sons the truth, yet she was not in the capacity to come up with a better excuse.

Upon sensing her request for help, Madilyn looked at the boys and casually cleared her throat. “I‘ve checked your mommy‘s condition. Thankfully, there‘s
nothing serious that we need to worry about. She just needs some rest, and she‘ll recover well. Do you think I would lie to you?”

Archie and Benny shook their heads vigorously.

Roxanne beamed in gratification when she saw how caring her little boys were. She smiled and said, “I‘ll drive you two to the kindergarten tomorrow.”

Archie and Benny froze for a second and then widened their eyes in surprise.


In addition to being busy at work, Roxanne had been avoiding Estella. She had not been sending the boys to kindergarten since the last time she had told Estella that they were going to migrate overseas.

Archie and Benny were okay about it because they could still see Roxanne after school.

However, they felt horrible whenever they saw Estella‘s disappointed face.

Now that Roxanne said she would go to the kindergarten with them, the boys felt so happy for Estella.

Mommy is taking us to the kindergarten tomorrow. That means she‘ll recover by then. Yay!

Seeing how excited the kids were, Roxanne nodded. “I‘ll grow a long nose like Pinocchio if I lie to you.”

Instantly, the boys grinned from ear to ear and started digging in.

Madilyn stayed back for a while after dinner. When the kids went to bed, she ensured that Roxanne was comfortably tucked in bed before getting ready to

“Call me if you still feel unwell tomorrow. I‘ll take the boys to the kindergarten, ” Madilyn said.

Roxanne merely smiled and responded, “Okay. Sorry for troubling you again for the past two days.”

Madilyn shot her a reproachful look. “Am I not their godmother? It‘s part of my responsibility to care for them. You, on the other hand, get a good rest and get well soon.”

Roxanne nodded with a smile and watched as she left.

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