His And Her Marriage Chapter 424

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 424 – Lucian could tell at one glance that Roxanne was putting up a tough act.

Wh en he saw that she almost fell, he stretched out his arm to catch her. And coincidentally, Roxanne‘s hand grabbed his,

Both of them stopped and did not move an inch more. Knowing that she had accidentally exposed herself,

Roxanne held Lucian‘s arm stiffly and calmed herself down. Then she slowly straightened her back and apologized as if nothing had happened.

“I‘m sorry. I… I missed a step.” Having said that, she wanted to withdraw her hand. Lucian‘s eye darkened when he knew what she wanted to do.

Before she could do so, he authoritatively pressed her hand on his shoulder. Roxanne was slightly taken aback by his gesture.

“You‘re already in a bad shape. Stop acting tough in front of me.” Frowning, Lucian wrapped his arm around her waist to support her.

arm aroInstantly, Roxanne felt much better. Shortly after, she tried to keep her distance from him because there were too many people at the airport.

She thought that their actions might cause others to misunderstand their relationship. “I do think that carrying you is easier,” he muttered.

When Roxanne heard that, she widened her eyes in disbelief and met his gaze.

Lucian stared at her indifferently as if he was threatening her to oblige. Go ahead and try escaping my embrace.

There‘s only one way to find out if I‘ll make a huge ruckus and carry you out of the airport, The both of them were at a stalemate for several seconds.

Roxanne clenched d her teeth and averted her gaze. Subsequently, she relaxed her body and leaned against his arm.

Cautiously and slowly, Lucian helped her toward the exit. Exiting the airport, Roxanne struggled a few times. “Thank you, Mr. Farwell. I‘ m fine.

You can let go of me now.” Lucian continued to support her and insisted, “I‘ll take you home.” “It‘s okay. I can take a cab home myself.”

Roxanne turned him down without any hesitation. Her children knew that she had no feelings for Lucian.

That was why she did not want them to spot her with him and create an unnecessary misunderstanding.

However, she did not seem to have an upper hand in the current quandary s he was in.

She was rather exhausted and had no more energy to break free from his embrace. Left with no choice, she caved in to Lucian.

As expected, the latter did not let her have her way. He made her walk to the parking lot, where Cayden had been waiting for them.

When Cayden saw the duo walking out fogether, he was puzzled. Soon, he figured out what was probably going on.

It‘s no wonder Mr. Farwell went there personally even though it was just a petty matter. He even stayed there for so long.

I guess I‘ve got my answer now. Cayden opened the car door and invited them into the car. Then he returned to the driver‘s seat.

“Mr. Farwell, should I send Ms. Jarvis home first?” he ask ed with a smile. Lucian simply hummed in response.

Roxanne furrowed her brows upon hearing Cayden‘s question. She could sense that something was amiss.

Cayden seems to be implying that Lucian and I are close.. Once the engine was revved up,

Roxanne leaned against the car door, trying her best to rest and regain some energy. None of them uttered a single word throughout the journey.

When they arrived at an intersection near the mansion, Roxanne broke the silence. “Please drop me here. I‘ll walk home myself.”

She did not want her two children to see her coming home with Lucian.

Needless to say, Cayden immediately stared at the rear mirror to check on Lucian‘s response.

Seeing the latter‘s blank face, Cayden continued driving until he arrived at the gate of Roxanne‘s house.

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