His And Her Marriage Chapter 423

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 423 – Roxanne remained seated in her seat, watching as the man left the plane.

It was a while before she slowly stood up. Just as she did, a wave of nausea hit her. li seemed to be a physical reaction after stress.

Roxanne grabbed the seat in front of her to stabilize herself. Once she regained her balance, she carefully got off the plane.

As she walked to the immigration gate, her entire body ached uncomfortably while her stomach lurched painfully.

Upon getting inside the airport, she made a beeline to the nearest restroom. “Jeez!” A voice laced with annoyance rang out.

A passerby was walking with their luggage when Roxanne accidentally bumped into him.

Roxanne tried her best to suppress the discomfort she was feeling and hastily bowed to the man to apologize.

She continued to run toward the restroom with a hand covering her mouth.Not far away, Lucian heard the commotion behind him.

He instinctively turned around to see what was going on and managed to catch sight of Roxanne dashing into the restroom with her back arched.

Lucian‘s gaze darkened when he saw that, and he quickly followed after her.

Although Roxanne had been treating him very coldly, he still worried for her whenever he saw that she was in discomfort.

When Roxanne rushed into the ladies restroom, Lucian came to an abrupt halt and stood outside.

With furrowed eyebrows, he listened to the sound of Roxanne puking her guts out.

Roxanne supported herself against the wall, and her fingernails had already turned white from the force as she bent over io puke.

She had been incredibly nervous. It didn’t help that the flight was super bumpy, which led to her upset stomach.

Perhaps her urge to puke had been suppressed by her anxiousness during the flight.

It was only after she disembarked that the feeling of discomfort in her stomach rose again. Roxanne gradually stopped puking after a while.

When she straightened her back, her vision suddenly went dark. It was fortunate that she did not end up fainting.

Roxanne stayed in the restroom for a while more to recollect herself before walking out while supporting herself against the wall.

“What‘s wrong?” Lucian‘s voice suddenly rang out next to her. Roxanne stopped and slowly looked up at him.

She was puzzled when she noticed Lucian‘s worried look. I thought he left. Why… is he here? And he saw me in this wretched state again.

Roxanne withdrew her hand from the wall and smiled at him. “I‘m sorry for making you worry again, Mr. Farwell.

I was feeling a little dizzy after the bumpy ride. I feel better now that I‘ve puked up.” Lucian stared at her suspiciously.

Roxanne had just recovered from her fear and had literally puked her guts out. Her face was as pale as a sheet.

Her words did not convince him at all. Although she was still feeling weak after vomiting everything,

Roxanne didn‘t want to support herself on the wall in front of Lucian. She could only steel herself and wait for him to leave.

However, Lucian did not seem to have any intention of leaving at all. . “If there‘s nothing else, you should go back early, Mr. Farwell,”

Roxanne said. The man in question raised an eyebrow. “I don‘t think you are in the position to tell me when to leave, Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne was slightly taken aback, but she had no choice but to admit that he was right.

With how he was acting, both of them would have to stay here forever if she didn‘t make the first move to leave.

Roxanne gritted her teeth. She decided to force herself to start moving and leave.

Alas, her legs did not have enough strength to support her body.

She had just lifted her leg to take a step forward when she lost her balance and fell to the floor.

In her panic, she reached out to hold the wall, but she grabbed onto a strong arm instead.

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