His And Her Marriage Chapter 425

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 425 – Archie and Benny dragged Madilyn to the door the moment they heard some noises at the gate.

They opened the door as soon as the car pulled over at the entrance.

The three of them were completely baffled to see the car that stopped at the porch. This car looks somewhat familiar.

Roxanne could see the curious gazes of the trio in the car. Instantly, she felt a headache coming her way.

While she was still debating how to explain herself, the man next to her open end the car door.

Upon recollecting herself, she wanted to open the door. Only then that she re aliped that it was already open.

“You‘re home.” Lucian reminded her of her predicament with an outstretched arm.

Roxanne clenched her jaw and wanted to hop out of the car from another side.

Lucian‘s voice sounded again. “I suppose you wouldn‘t want your two children to see you fall down, right?”

Roxanne‘s body stiffened at once. Though she had not regained much of her strength,

she did not want Archie and Benny to see her being so close to Lucian. Ultimately, she did not want to embarrass herself in front of her kids.

After what seemed like forever, Roxanne decided to hold Lucian‘s arm as he assisted her out of the car slowly.

Realization finally dawned on the two boys when they saw Lucian. It‘s Daddy! It had been a while since they had last seen Lucian.

They had forgotten it was his car. I thought Mommy doesn‘t like Daddy? Why is she with him? At that thought, the boys stared at Lucian warily.

They were worried when they saw Roxanne being assisted by Lucian as she got down from the car. Immediately,

they let go of Madilyn‘s hand and rushed over to Roxanne. Trailing behind her, they asked in a concerned tone, “Mom my, what happened to you?”

Roxanne forced a smile when she saw how anxious her boys were. “I had motion sickness on the plane, but I‘ll be fine once I get some sleep.”

Madilyn went up to her and shifted her gaze to Lucian. “How did it get so serious! Roxanne shook her head and slowly stopped in her tracks.

The observant Lucian noticed her action and stopped as well. Thanks for taking me home, Mr. Farwell. I‘ll let you go instead of inviting you inside.”

Roxanne flashed him a polite yet distant smile before offering a hand to Madilyn. “Help me, Madilyn.”

Hearing that, Madilyn held her hand and got hold of her. Lucian merely frowned and did not let go of her.

Archie and Benny went up to him and offered to take Roxanne‘s hand.

Faced with the two munchkins and coupled with the words uttered by Roxanne on the plane, Lucian reluctantly released his grip in the end.

Archie let Benny hold their mother‘s hand while he turned to look at Lucian. He pulled a long face as he questioned his father.

“What happened to Mommy ? Why are you with her?” Lucian found it amusing that the little one was interrogating him like a protective cub protecting its food.

At the same time, he could not ignore the fact that Archie was wary of him.

Just like Roxanne, the two boys never let their guards down when Lucian was around. “I was on the same flight as your mommy.

After getting off the plane, I noticed that she was unwell. So I sent her home,” Lucian explained to Archie patiently.

Archie looked him in the eyes for a while. Since he could not tell if Lucian was telling a lie, he assumed it to be true.

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