His And Her Marriage Chapter 418

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 418 – Lucian only felt annoyed and frustrates allier collatulude

“Archuc and Kenny are waiting for you at home. Please take care of yoursell, Ms. Jarvis”

Koxanne, (d), did not want to continue the convention further She nelleil lightly Thank you for your reminder,

Mr. Farwell Hoch of them looked at each tither, their eyes filial with Tong Mo Then Lucian looked away and turned around to leave thichotel with furrowed eyebrow’s He had only attended the bansuri burs of Roxanne However,

he did not cycli want la viy there avecond longer because of her attitude toward himni Looking at his retreating figure, Koxanne frowned slightly Suspicion rose in her heart once again Didal he attend the banquet for work?

Why is dar leathing nyht now She nearly thought that Lucian had left because of her. Bul recalling what he had told her.

She Knot want to celude herselt turther. She looked away and retumcu to the banuri hall Joseph and the others were nowhere to be seen .

The moment Koxanne entered the hall. Jasper instantly caught sight of her-Where did you go. I’ve been looking for you for hours,”

Jayper asked in concern as he walked up to her the maller” Roxanne vuiled in

“Felix a bill slowly in here, so went outside for a walk Wu response Jasper heaved a sigh of relict. Thank goodness you’re okay You’re my GUCN.

and if younicthing were lo hapakulo You, I wouldn’t know whallo tell Mr. Queen and Mr. Lynch After what had happened just now,

Roxanne was starting to Iceltired Seemghat there was nothing to le concerned about, she replied, “I’m fine.

Just a little tirel About the colaboration Jasper instantly answered. “Let’s meet at my office tomorrow morning.

All you need to do is NIKO the contract. Go home if you’re feeling tired los already a big honor that you can attend iny banquet today”

Roxanne smiled at him gratefully. After bidding him goodbye, slier went to the upper floor to send Gerald her regards.

Larry was currenily keeping Gerald company,

Hearing Hai Roxanne was about to leave, Gerald timed io Larry with a meaningful look in his

eyes. “I’m getting tired too. You don’t have to accompany inc anymore. It’s not safe for Roxanne to go home alone when it’s sp late at night.

Send her home, will you?” Larry smiled and agreed. Roxanne instantly thought of Lucian’s words from earlier and a weird feeling rose in her heart.

Alas, it was too late to reject. Larry had already walked over to her “Let’s go. Gerald smiled at both of them.

After the medical conference, Gerald found out that both Roxanne and Larry were single.

Therefore, he had been trying to find an opportunity to set them up.

When he saw the both of them standing next to each other, he could not help but feel that they were made for cache other.

Since Roxannc had missed the opportunity to reject bis offer, she could only silently agree to it.

After bidding Gerald goodbye, she walked out of the hotel with Larry in tow. It was already well into the night when they exited the hotel.

As Roxanne was wearing a dress that exposed her shoulders, she shivered when a gust of wind blew past her.

The next second, a warm coat was draped over her shoulders. “Put it on. My car is parked slightly further away. You’re wearing too little.

It won’t be good if you get sick.” Larry’s gentle voice rang next to her car.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Roxanne smiled and said, “Thanks, Larry.”

She had always been on good terms with Larry.

If she were to reject his kindness because of a sentence from Lucian, it would seem as though there was something between her and Larry.

With that thought in mind. Roxanne pulled the coal around herself and walked to the car with Larry

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