His And Her Marriage Chapter 417

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 417 – Once Joseph and the crowd scurried away, only Lucian and Roxanne were left in the corridor.

Roxanne’s wrist was still in Lucian’s grip. Realizing that he did not seem to be releasing her any time soon, Corinne was not annoyed at all She merely said in a calm voice, “Everyone’s gone.

You can let go of me now, Mr. Farwell. I won’i run away.” Lucian stared at her for a few seconds before slowly relaxing his grip Roxanne’s cycbrow furrowed as she rubbed her achung wrist.

She look two steps backward and looked up at Lucian. “Is there anything else, Mr.Farwell.” Lucian frowned upon hearing that He had saved her,

but she did not even thank him for it. Instead, she had asked him if there was anything clxc.

“I’ve helped you out again, and this is your attitude toward me?” Lucian’s tone was laced with coldness.

Roxannc’s lips curled mockingly. Help? If you really wanted to lielp Inc, you wouldn’t have vaid those words to Joseph.

You’re only using me for your ownı benche There’s no need to sugarcoal your actions.”

The air around them seemed to still at the tension between them Lucian’s cycs were burning with rage However,

when he recalled the words he had spoken on impulse, he could not say anything to justify himself.

After being plunged into silence for a whule, Roxanne kvok his lack of response as a silent agreement.

The trickery on her face candle more evident in she nodded at lain. Seems like you have had your fun. Mr. Farwell. I think I should leave now.”

With that, she turned around to leave. Just then, Lucian’s low voice rang from behind her. “Where’s Morrison?”

Roxanne stopped and looked back in confusion “What?” “Didn’t you compromise with me just so you could meet him?

Why didn’t he come to save you carlier?” Lucian narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized her.

Roxanne look a few seconds to realize that Lucian was referring to Larry. What does this have to do with Larry?

Noticing the confused look on her face, Lucian explained, “You arrived at the banquet together with me, and then you left with Mr. Morrison.

I heard that Mr. Ziegler has been bringing you around to worlaluze with other people as well.

In just a short timc, you have been with three different men. You are indeed popular with men Ms. Jarvis.”

Lucian then scanned her from head to toe and added in a bitter tone, “Oh, right. There’s also that man just now.

Your popularity is far beyond my expectations.” Knowing that Lucian had deliberately brought Joseph up to annoy her,

Koxanne’s expression darkened. “You were spying on me? She was only with Larry for a few minutes.

During that tinc, Lucian should have been socializing with other clicuits. There was no way he could havenoticed them Unless,

the said clients did not exist. Upon that thought, Roxanne found herself feeling suspicious and doubtful.

“You are a woman who stands out in a crowd, Ms. Jarvis. Couple that with the fact you appeared at the banquet together withi me,

and people will definitely talk about you. Would I even need to spy on you?

Or did you think that you are somewhat important to me and that I would send someone to spy on you, Ms. Jarvis?” Lucian scoffed.

His words insinuated that Roxanne was deluding herself Roxanne’s eyes twitched as a wave of self-deprecation washed over her.

He’s right. Considering the entent of my relationship with Lucian, I’m not important enough to bespied on.

He probably only saw me with Larry by accident. Moreover, when she appeared at the banquet with Lucian, they had indecil stirred up a commotion,

His theory was not impossible. Upon thinking of that, Roxanne slowly calined down.

She cast her gaze downward as she said in an emotionless tone, “If that’s the case, I have wronged you,

Mr. Farwell. However, with how you treated mc earlier, I think we are even now.”

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