His And Her Marriage Chapter 419

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 419 – In the car opposite the main road, the driver noticed the sudden change in atmosphere.

His palms started sweating as the air surrounding them seemed to have dropped by a few degrees.

It was after a long time that Lucian stopped looking at the entrance to the hotel. “Let’s go back,” he ordered in a cold voice.

The driver acknowledged his instructions and started the engine, driving toward the hotel that Lucian was staying at.

Roxanne had no idea that Lucian had seen her. She opened the door to the passenger seat and got into Larry’s car.

The moment she entered the car, she politely took off Larry’s coat and placed it in the backseat After getting the address to her hotel,

Larry revved up the engine. Both of them remained silent for the entire journey.

Roxanne looked out the window to stare at the scenery outside and soon fell into deep thought. She couldn’t understand Lucian’s attitude earlier at all.

“You just left like that. What about Mr. Farwell?” Larry suddenly asked. Roxanne only returned to her senses after a long while.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What does it have to do with him?” Larry looked at her through the rearview mirror. “

Mr. Farwell brought you to the banquet, right?” Although Roxanne had said that she met Lucian in the lobby,

Larry managed to figure out the truth when he realized that Roxanne did not drive. Roxanne was stunned. She turned around and met Larry’s eyes.

Roxanne pressed her lips into a smile and replied, “You’re right, but we only met by chance at the boutique. It’s not what you think it is.”

Larry nodded. “Does Mr. Farwell know that you left?” That man left even before I did. How would he know when I left?

“I’m not sure,” she replied dismissively, then quickly changed the topic. “Oh, right, what were you doing at the banquet, Larry?”

Larry knew that she did not want to talk about it, and thus, he did not press any further. “Mr. Ziegler sent me an invitation.

I didn’t want to attend, but I found out that Mr. Lynch was in Summerbank as well. I figured he would attend the banquet, so I came over.

I never thought I would run into you.” Roxanne nodded absent-mindedly. “How are things at the research institute?” Larry asked caringly.

“I went to the banquet to discuss the matters at the research institute.

Mr. Ziegler and the others have a branch in Harington that can work together with us.

We‘ve already discussed it and will be signing the contract tomorrow. I will head home once that’s done.”

Larry furrowed his brows. “How did you find Mr. Ziegler?” As far as he knew, Roxanne had been looking for a partner in Harington.

However, Jasper was all the way in Summerbank. Larry was curious as to how they managed to get in touch with each other.

Moreover, Jasper seemed to think very highly of Roxanne. “Mr. Queen introduced us to each other. Speaking of which,

I need to thank him for his help,” Roxanne said. Upon hearing that it was because of Jonathan, Larry nodded in response.

“Queen Group does have a good relationship with Ziegler Group. But it seems that Queen Group has a better relationship with Farwell Group.

Now that Mr. Queen has helped to introduce you to Ziegler Group, he has inevitably stood against Farwell Group.

If Mrs. Farwell finds out about this, things may not end well.” Roxanne frowned upon hearing that. She was worried for Jonathan .

Although Jonathan had said that they would not be noticed by Farwell Group,

both of them knew that there would still be a risk that his decision to help Roxanne would be discovered by Farwell Group.

Regardless, Roxanne had already gone this far. She did not want to give up so easily.

After all, Sonya’s aim was to chase her away.

Once she solved all the problems related to the research institute and left Harington, she reckoned Sonya would probably stop going after her.

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