His And Her Marriage Chapter 416

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 416 – Kealizing ihat luctan had stopped Joseph in the end, Roxanne somehow lelt reliever,

and she calmad downWhen the recalled how cold and indifferent luc min wall sccond ago and how angry he looked right now.

Rouannc lound if ironic Maybx, un luciancyCu, kozanne Current wale would change tording to what he wanted She was nothing but a toy for him to play around with Upon thinking ot that, Roxant mulle het elf in her mind and curled licr lips into a well Deprecating simile.

She deuded in no longer lurralxiut the chaos happening in front of her and made a move to leave However,

just as she turned around a large hundreuched out to grab her Koxanne did not need to turn her bed sound know who stopped lich She glued aher wrist that was in his trip anu vald,

I lave you had your lun, Mr Farwell Il yo), please Irikool Mic The moment she spoke those words,

the expressions of the crowd instantly changed All of them had only heard of lucian and casionally saw him on television

That was the reason why they found Lucian tamilar when they first saw hum.

owever, it did not cross the mind that he will cually Lutan FarwellAs a result, they l uffended someone who was connected to Lucian Once that thought crossed their minds,

panickel expressions could be seen on all of their laces Joseph’s wrist was still in lucian ’s grip.

He was experiencing than how oppressing Lucians domineering ura Will His back was thoroughly drenched is sweat It he had known that Roxanne With Lucan,

he would never have even glanced ut her “Mr Farwell, L-this is just a m-misunderstanding.”

Joseph stammered, trying to relend himself However, Lucian did not even spare hun a glance.

He was staring fixedly at Roxanne’s back Is she trying to escape to look for Aforrison again?

Roxanne frowned when she realized Urat Lucian was not going to let go of her. She turned around to look at the latter with mockery in hier eyes. “

Aren’t you donc, Mr. Farwell? Are you still wailing lor me to continue with ihic show?”

Upon yaking, she looked at Joseph, who was still being restrained by Lucjan, in disdain.

Her words meant that she would be willing to go along with Joseph if Lucian anted the show to continue.

When Joseph met her gaze, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. “This is a huge misunderstanding.

Ms. Jarvis. I only wanted to be friends with you. I really didn’t have any other motives. You are with Mr. Farwell, after all.

I don’have the guts to—” Roxanne cut him off by nodding. “You’re right. You only want to be my friend for the night, Mr. Cadman.

If Mr. Farwell wants to see that, I can only obey his request.” The atmosphere around them instantly became tense at her words.

Lucian narrowed his eyes as be looked at the woman in front of him. Joseph also noticed the murderous intent in the aura surrounding them.

He shivered uncontrollably “The Cadman family of Summer bank?” Lucian’s cold voice rang next to his ears.

Joseph nodded instinctively. However, he quickly understood the reason behind Lucian’s question and promptly shook his head.

With narrowed eyes, Lucian let go of Joseph’s wrist with a stoic expression. “Get lost.”

When Joseph thought of the possible retaliation that the Cadman family might face after the incident, his face filled with terror.

He tried to explain himself, “Mr. Farwell, I really did not do it on purpose. I didn’t know she was your woman.

Besides, as you saw for yourself, I didn’t do anything to her…” The more Joseph tried to explain, the angrier Lucian got.

His eyes darkened terrifyingly. When Joseph noticed Lucian’s gaze, he instantly shut up.

After remaining at the same spot for a few seconds, he turned around and ordered everyone to leave, feeling dejected.

It seemed that the Cadman family would soon fall from grace

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