His And Her Marriage Chapter 415

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 415 – As Joseph noticed Lucian getting nearer to them, he glanced at his friends who were standing not Car away.

oseph siccled himself and stood in front of Lucian. Do you know this woman?

Lucian slowly came to a stop as his gaze cinotionlessly swept over the man in front of him before returning to Roxanne’s fact.

111e woman in question had cast her gaze downward, and her lips were pursed. She did not seem to want his help at all.

oticing her reaction, Lucian scl like he was being mocked Even at this stage was Roxanne still trying to avoid him.

Since that was her wish, Iurian would grant it. Upon thinking of that. Lucian looked away, “I dont know her.”

Joseph inwardly heaved a sigh of relict when he heard those words The man on the floor scrambled to get up.

He pointed at Lucian’s back and exclaimed, “Why did you kick mc?”

His voice was full of anger Lucian only shot him a cold look The man on the floor suddenly felt a chill run up his spine.

He ripped his mouth sheepishly It was after a while that Lucian replied in a cold voice, “

You were in my way The man who had been kicked opened his mouth indignantly.

However, hedid not dare to say much for he knew he was no match for Lucian. Thus, he walked back Lucian lured to look at Joseph Please continue,”

he said, although his lone seemed like he was commanding Joseph instead.

As soon as Lucian spoke, both Roxanne and Joseph’s expressionis changed she Roxanne never expected lucian to say something like that.

Surprise flashed across her eyes clenched her fists, suppressing the urge to look at him. She refused to believe that Lucian meant what he said.

Joseph, on the other hand, looked at Lucian in doubt. He frowned at the latter. If Lucian had not appeared, Joseph would definitely have continued.

However, now that there was a domineering man looking from the side, there was no way he would be able to continue his act.

Yet, Thai domineering man’s cues schemed to be boring holes into Joseph. It seemed like if Joseph did not continue, hila man would not leave.

I ber he was dying about not knowing her!

Nevertheless, Joseph submitted to Lucian’s domineering pressure and turned back to face Roxanne. He slowly walked toward her.

Koxanne had originally thought of a plan to handlc Joseph, but Lucian’s gaze unknowingly made her panic.

Looking at the man inching nearer to her, Roxannc’s pupils constricted, and she istinctively took a step backward.

She then raised her hand and slapped Joseph. The crisp sound of a slap rang in everyone’s cars,

The young men who were standing not far away were stunned at what happened Joseph’s eyes widened.

He did not manage to react as he was appressed by Lucian’s domineering aura How dare she hit me He quickly snapped back to reality and glanced at Lucjan.

The latter’s expression did not change. It seemed like Lucian did not plan on nicrlering it all. At once. Joseph’s expression darkened 1 he roared.

How dare you hit me?” He took a large step toward Roxanne and raised his hand to huirlier Koxanne subconsciously closed her cyes lightly However,

that hand never came into contact with her skin. There wasn’t even any sound

After a while, Roxanne slowly opened her cycs and noticed an arm stretched across her.

Luciana’s large hand had grabbed onto Joseph’s wrist, stopping him. Joseph, who was still standing in front of Roxanne, grilled his letch silently.

His face had turned ashcn. Alihough the one whom Roxanne had slapped was Joseph, Lucian seemed to live been shaken.

He finally realized what he had done. He then saw that Joseph was about to hit Roxanne,

All of the suppressed rage and guilt crupled within hum as the aura around him became even more Terrifying than before.

When Joseph’s wrist was grabbed by I.ucian, he was about to scold the latter when he tict his cycs.

Joseph instantly shut his mouth. Even though Joscph’s wrist felt like it was about to snap at any second, að he could do was brcak into a cold swcal.

He didn’t even dare to make a sound it all.

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