His And Her Marriage Chapter 414

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 414 – “Why don’t you ask them? There is no woman in Summerbank who would darcto disrespect mc,”

Joseph said as he inched closer to Roxannc. There was a look of disdain in his cycs as he stared at the woman in front of him. “

You should fecl honored that I’m talking to you, but yet bere you are, Irking to brush me off.

Do you really think that you can get away with it just because you have a pretty face? Don’t forget that you are now in Summer bank.”

Roxanne willed herself to calm down. After glancing at the men behind Joseph, who were all staring at her, she decided to swallow her prie.

That was not what I cant. However, if you want to be friends, you can just tell me directly.

I wouldn’t dare to be friends with you if you bring so many people along. I’ll be afraid.”

Joseph thought that Roxanne hnally got the hint for he turned around to shoor his friends a look. The group of men instantly retreated.

However, they still looked at Joseph and Roxanne with a look of anticipation.

Soon enough, only Roxanne and Joseph were left standing face-to-face,

Joseph’s gazcshamelessly wandered around Roxanne’s body Roxanne curled her fingers into a light fist as she resisted ice urge to vomit.

She forced a smile onto her face while walking backward calmly. She was trying to lure Joseph away from the others lint of vision.

Once she managed to get Joseph alone, she would be able to take a chance and strike him. If Roxanne could strike him on his acupuncture points,

Joseph would not have any cnergy to relaliate. With that, she could escape.

It would have been hard for her to altack him when there were so many people around.

just as she was aboul to turn the corner, a wail sounded from the crowd standing outside.

Everyone was stunned at the sudden shour and turned around to look in the direction of the sound.

All that could be scen was a young man, who had been standing at 1c euge of the group,

kuning through the air and falling down to the floor in front of the crowd. When the crowd noticed what had happened,

they moved aside to make way. Roxanne’s gaze instantly landed on the man who was walking through the crowd. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

He had once again caught her at her worst. “Who is it!” Joseph roared, wanting to get revenge on behalf of one of his friends who had been attacked.

Hic had alrcady turned around to witness his friends sent flying through the air. However, when Joseph noticed the man walking over,

hc vaguely thought that the latter looked familiar. Regardless, he was unable to recall who he was.

In spite of that, Joseph was slightly intimidated by the man’s domineering aura, If it weren’t for his many friends observing this every move.

Joseph probably would have already scurried away. Lucian’s dark gaze latched onto the woman standing noun far away from him.

He did not even spark Joseph a glance. Lucian had been searching for Roxanne on the upper floor for a long time bulla no avail.

He was about to return to the banquet hall on the lower floor 10 search for her when he heard the commotion as well as a crowd of people standing in
the corner.

As Lucian walked nearer to the crowd, he instantly saw Roxanne smiling at an unfamiliar man.

When he noticed the smile on her face, sury instantly crupled within him.

It was absurd how Roxanne was willing to smile at such a lewd man when she only had a distant look on her face whenever she was around Lucian
Lucian had decided to see how far Roxanne was willing to go when whispers sounded next to him

“Look at her amazing body. Joseph is going to have a good ume tonight.”

Hearing thal,ragc surged up in Lucian’s heart as his expression darkened The man who said those words suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

Before he could even react, he was already sent flying through the air with a kick. Fury was evident on Lucian’s face.

Roxanne only glanced at Lucian briefly before looking away. She did not have the courage to continue looking at him.

Even the smile on her face started to drop. Guessing that her actions should have been noticed by Lucian, Roxanne’s heart was filled with regret.

She was only trying to get away from Joseph, but Lucian would probably get the wrong idea from her actions.

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