His And Her Marriage Chapter 338

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 338 – You Cannot Let Her Down

Sonya’s heart sank when she looked at Lucian’s expression. She knew her son too well. The more calm and collected he looks, the more determined he is.

It was also not the first time Lucian had warned her not to intervene in his relationship with Roxanne.

Sonya did not understand why Roxanne held a special place in her son’s heart. I can’t believe my son would give me attitude because of that woman!

Sonya knitted her brows. After calming herself down for a minute, she gritted her teeth and questioned him, “What do you take Aubree for?

Aubree has been waiting for you for so long, and now you want to get rid of her? What did she not do well?

Do you think Roxanne can do better than her? Did you forget how the heartless woman dumped Essie? Aubree was the one who raised Essie with you!

Not only did she take good care of Essie, but she also respected the elders in the family. What else could you ask for?”

Lucian’s eyes turned cold. “You sure everything she did had no issues?”

Upon hearing that, Sonya froze for a moment and doubted her judgment for a few seconds.

But after recalling everything Aubree did and how she cared for the family over the years, Sonya steadied herself and nodded matter-of-factly.

“Have you ever wondered why Essie refuses to accept Aubree even after so many years for no apparent reason?”

Lucian continued asking in a deep voice. His question rendered Sonya speechless once again.

She then patiently defended Aubree by explaining to Lucian, “Aubree said she likes kids but didn’t have much experience dealing with them.

Of course, she’ll make mistakes along the way. But once she spends enough time with the kid, I’m sure their relationship will improve.”

She then shot a glare at Lucian and expressed her dismay, “How many times have I told you to let Essie spend more time with Aubree?

Yet you choose to keep Essie by your side.” Lucian could not help but smirk. He knew there was no point in engaging in this argument with his mother.

No matter how he explained, he knew she would put the blame on him and put in good words for Aubree.

“So you’re saying I don’t have a choice but to marry Aubree?” Sonya bobbed her head in disbelief. “You can’t let her down.

She has waited for you for years.” Lucian threw another question, “What if I refuse?” Sonya frowned as she was unhappy with his reaction.

“Besides Aubree, who else could you marry? Roxanne? Listen carefully. I’ll not allow her to step into the family, so stop dreaming!

Aubree got severely wounded when she saved e. You have to marry her because she’s our benefactor!”

Lucian continued to look at his mother with a deadpan expression. An awkward silence ensued. “Besides, Roxanne said she was not interested in you.

She might not agree to marry you even if you insist.” Sonya continued to dampen Lucian’s spirit. Lucian’s brows creased, but he steadied himself.

“I wouldn’t marry Aubree even if Roxanne turned down my proposal.” Upon hearing that, a vortex of anger swirled in Sonya.

She clenched the coffee cup tightly to avoid throwing a fit in the café.

“I’m indebted to the Pearson family, but Farwell Group has done everything we could throughout the years to repay their kindness.

As for all the sacrifices she’d made for you, that’s between you two.

I can look after her during her recuperation period and find her the best doctor to make sure the wounds do not leave a permanent scar,

but that’s just it. I can’t do anything more than this,” Lucian said.

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