His And Her Marriage Chapter 339

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 339 – Who Might Be The Culprit

In other words, Lucian would not tie the knot with Aubree. Sonya could not help but massage her temples while shooting daggers at her son.

“Did you come here this early in the morning just to upset me?” Lucian remained unperturbed.

“I can send you to the hospital if you’re feeling unwell, but there’s no way you can force me to marry Aubree.”

Both mother and son kept mum for some time. Sonya waved her hand and gestured for him to leave. “Go. Get out of my sight.”

Lucian nodded. Before leaving, he said, “I’ve stationed a few men by the door. Call them if you need their help.”

Before Sonya could react, Lucian had left the café. “Heading back to the office now, Mr. Farwell?”

the driver asked with respect when Lucian got into the car. Lucian knitted his brows. Roxanne’s house flashed across his mind.

I wonder how she’s doing now. Did she mean what she said just now? Lucian went deep in thought but eventually snapped out of it.

He replied to the driver, “Back to the office.” The car started moving slowly and headed in the direction of Farwell Group.

Cayden had waited for him in the office the entire morning. When Lucian got out of the elevator, he immediately walked up and greeted him,

“I have updates for you, Mr. Farwell.” Lucian’s eyes darkened. “Did you manage to find the driver?” “Not yet, but we found the car,” Cayden replied.

“We went through the footage of the surveillance cameras at all the junctions and finally mapped out the car’s route after it left the parking lot.

The driver took the car to the suburbs, and my men were able to locate the car after a thorough search at a junkyard.”

After entering Lucian’s office and closing the door properly, Cayden looked at the man and continued,

“The black car’s registration number is fake, and it doesn’t have an owner.

The car should have been disposed of at the junkyard, but the culprit drove off and committed crimes with the vehicle.

From the footage, we saw the driver had his face covered. I believe everything that had happened was not an accident.”

Lucian nodded in agreement upon hearing his updates. Cayden is right. It’s obvious that the driver was familiar with the route.

Sending the car to a junkyard right after the incident could also be one of the ways to destroy the evidence.

“What should we do next, Mr. Farwell? We’ve investigated this for a few days, and that’s all we got for now. Who do you think the culprit could be?

The information Cayden had obtained was limited, and there were no other leads either.

The cops did not know what else they could do since the driver had fully covered his face.

Cayden came all the way to give Lucian the updates because he wanted the latter to advise him on the next course of action.

After all, only Lucian knew what to do if it was a personal grudge between him and the culprit.

fter keeping mum for a moment, he ordered, “Investigate all the companies that have borne grudges against Farwell Group.”

At that time, only Sonya and Aubree were in the parking lot, and it seemed like the driver had marked Sonya as his target when he drove in her direction.

Lucian believed his mother would not offend anyone in the first place. The culprit must be one of my business rivals.

Cayden nodded in acknowledgment and immediately made the necessary arrangements.

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