His And Her Marriage Chapter 337

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 337 – Matters Between Us

Naturally, Sonya, too, heard their exchange. Nevertheless, she, having long decided to have her son marry Aubree,

had warned Roxanne off and wasn’t worried that the latter would disobey.

As a result, she couldn’t care less about their interaction and continued to sip her coffee elegantly.

When Sonya heard Roxanne’s leaving footsteps, a contemptuous smile descended upon her face.

Disgraceful women can always be easily frightened away. Furthermore, there’s no way I’m going to allow such a woman to marry into the Farwell family.

“Have a seat.” Sonya finally turned around to give Lucian a look as she invited him to sit.

The frowning Lucian, whose eyes were burning with suppressed anger, strode up to his mother and sat down.

The cup of untouched coffee in front of him was ordered by Roxanne earlier. Playing back in his mind the words she said to his mother a while ago,

Lucian deepened his frown. “Waiter, please get us another cup of what I’m having.” Sonya raised her hand at the waiter.

“And take this cup away, please.” After removing Roxanne’s coffee, the waiter brought a new one for Lucian.

“Why are you here? Who asked you to come?” Drinking her coffee, Sonya gave her son a leisurely look.

ther than Roxanne informing him of her presence, she couldn’t think of any other possibility.

After all, there was no way he would’ve known she was there unless someone had reported it to him.

However, she didn’t see when Roxanne had managed to send Lucian a message.

She had hardly finished speaking when she saw the increasingly gloomy look on her son’s face. Sonya wrinkled her brows.

“What’s with that scowl of yours early in the morning? What did I do wrong?” “What did you see her for?” Lucian asked in a deep voice.

Sonya, after scanning her son from head to toe, was visibly upset. “If you can abandon the injured Aubree to see her, why can’t I have a chat with her?

Besides, didn’t you hear it for yourself? She isn’t interested in you at all. So why are you still angry at me on her account?”

Ignoring her words, Lucian pressed on with his questions. “What did you say to her just now?”

He chose to believe that his mother’s words had triggered Roxanne’s frigid response.

Upon hearing her son’s question, Sonya glowered instantly. “I was just stating the truth to her.

Yet, she complained to you so that you would come here and flash that snarky attitude of yours at me. To a woman like that,

nothing I say can ever be considered too much!” After giving Sonya a look, Lucian refuted her in a low voice, “She didn’t call me here.”

“Why would I believe you?” Sonya’s expression was filled with disdain. What Lucian was about to say next would devastate her.

“My men have been keeping an eye on her. It was they who informed me about both of you being here,” Lucian related the truth with an expressionless

Filled with disbelief, Roxanne stared at him for a long time to ascertain if she had heard him wrongly.

“What’s so good about her? Don’t forget what she has done to the Farwell family and Essie!” Sonya slammed the table furiously. “

I don’t care what you have in mind before this, but you must withdraw your men right now.

From today onward, both of you are forbidden to contact each other! For goodness’ sake, you’re going to marry Aubree in the future.

What will happen when word of this gets out?” Despite Sonya’s outburst, Lucian met her gaze firmly. “Let me repeat myself.

This is between her and me, and I will resolve it myself. Therefore, you should stop interfering in this matter.”

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