His And Her Marriage Chapter 336

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 336 – Decisive Decision

In the face of Sonya’s high and mighty stance, Roxanne accepted that there was no way to reverse the former’s bias against her.

Besides, it wouldn’t be necessary, as they would no longer be related in any way.

Holding that thought, Roxanne gradually calmed down and replied in a tone devoid of emotion, “Mrs. Farwell, don’t worry.

Not everyone is interested in your son. At the very least, I’m not. Our interaction is solely based on Essie’s account.

Now that you have made your stand clear, I will take extra care to keep my distance from Mr. Farwell.”

As for Aubree’s injury, she didn’t know how to prove her innocence and didn’t plan on raising the matter too.

Having heard Roxanne’s words, Sonya scrutinized the former, as if to see if she was telling the truth.

Moments later, she pursed her lips coldly. “Good. You had better remember what you have said today.”

Roxanne nodded slightly. “If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving now to return to my children. Anyway, that cup of coffee is on me.”

With that, Roxanne got up to leave before Sonya could respond. No sooner had she gotten to her feet than she saw Lucian standing outside.

She wasn’t aware of when he had arrived and was equally clueless as to why. All she could see was the grave-looking expression on his face.

The moment their eyes met, Roxanne felt a squeeze in her heart.

Averting her eyes, she swiftly suppressed the uneasiness she felt before returning her gaze to meet his. Only then did she greet him in a distant tone.

“Mr. Farwell.” With a slight furrow of his brows, Lucian stared intently at Roxanne, who had an apathetic look on her face.

He had received news first thing in the morning about his mother meeting Roxanne in a café from his subordinate.

Cognizant of the events from the day before, he had expected his mother to confront Roxanne.

Hence, he dropped whatever he was doing and rushed over without delay.

Unfortunately, the last thing he expected was to hear the scathing words that came out of Roxanne’s mouth.

Not everyone is interested in your son. At the very least, I’m not. As the words echoed through his mind, Lucian, feeling as if he was being mocked,

instinctively stopped in his tracks. Six years ago, I was everything to her. But now, she is capable of uttering something like that matter-of-factly.

Staring at the distant-looking Roxanne, Lucian gulped. “Your words just now, what do you mean by them?”

After throwing a glance at Sonya, who was sitting opposite them, Roxanne broke out a flat smile.

“I don’t know what you have heard, but what I have just said is the truth. Given how sharp you are, I’m sure you know very well what I mean.

Therefore, let’s not disrupt each other’s life from now on.” Just as she spoke, Roxanne nodded at the two in front of her before strutting away.

The moment she walked past Lucian’s side, she felt a large hand grab her wrist.

Roxanne, frowning intensely, lowered her voice and warned, “Let go of me!” With knitted brows, Lucian stared at her while exuding an intimidating aura.

Roxanne, with clenched teeth, turned around to glare at him.

The instant they locked gazes, Lucian tightened his grip momentarily before slowly loosening it until her slender wrist was finally released.

The resolve in her eyes told him that whatever he had to say was pointless.

After recovering her gaze, Roxanne walked to the cashier to settle the bill before leaving without even looking back.

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