His And Her Marriage Chapter 288

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 288 – I Waited For Years

After learning that it was Roxanne who had found Estella, Sonya stopped reprimanding her. She focused on consoling Estella, who was still crying in
her arms.

A while later, Estella exhausted her energy and finally stopped crying.

“Good girl, Essie.” Sonya patted her back. “Ms. Pearson adores you. She accidentally angered you, so can you forgive her?”

Hearing Aubree’s name, Estella scrunched up her brow and turned around.

She stretched her hands toward Lucian.

Lucian picked her up and answered on her behalf, “Essie refuses to forgive her. Even if Essie does forgive her, I will never forgive her!”

With that said, Lucian glared at Aubree. “This has dragged on for long enough. I shall make myself clear once again. I will never marry you. From
today onward, we no longer have anything to do with each other.

You have no reason to show up before Essie anymore!”
His words stunned everyone else.

It took Sonya a few seconds to regain her composure. She grabbed Lucian’s arm and demanded, “Lucian, do you know what you’re talking about? News
about your engagement has been released. How are we going to face the public if you refuse to marry Aubree?”

Without batting an eyelid, Lucian responded, “That has nothing to do with me. It was you who released the news without seeking my agreement. I’ve
stated my disapproval, but you insisted on doing so.”

Sonya’s face turned ugly. Lucian had obviously made up his mind.

She knew what her son wanted but had always assumed she had control over him.

Alas, she forgot he was all grown up now. In fact, he was in charge of Farwell Group now.

He was obedient all the while only because he wanted to be a filial son to her.

“But…” Sonya trailed off before coming up with another excuse. “But we agreed to your marriage to repay Old Mr. Pearson’s favor. How are you going
to explain to him if you want to call it off?”

Lucian furrowed his brows. “We’ve repaid the Pearson family’s favor by giving them what they wanted all these years. That’s enough. Farwell Group
will still help the Pearson family in the corporate world as long as they don’t break the law.”

Aubree gaped in disbelief.

It was pretty clear that Lucian had come up with that plan a long time ago.

When did he start scheming? Was it after he rejected me previously? Or did he start after that b*tch Roxanne came back?

She was panicking when Lucian glanced at her, his face devoid of expression. “Ms. Pearson, please leave my house if you have nothing else to

Aubree froze in shock. She promptly apologized, “Lucian, I was wrong. I know my mistake now. I promise I’ll give Essie what she wants. It won’t
happen again. Please don’t be mad at me!”

Nevertheless, Lucian ignored her pleas.

Aubree’s heart sank in dejection. She tried to grab his sleeves, but he avoided her grasp.

“I’ve waited for you many years, Lucian…” Aubree’s hands froze midair. “I’ll change. I promise I will. Please don’t do this to me!”

As Lucian remained silent, she shot Sonya a beseeching look.

Sonya shook her head grimly. “You should head back home for now.”

Lucian didn’t show any signs of fury, but she knew that was precisely the sign he was smoking with anger.

Besides, it seemed that he had thought about it thoroughly before informing them of his decision.

It was useless to say anything now, so she wanted to wait until he calmed down.

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