His And Her Marriage Chapter 287

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 287 – Making It Up

As he kept blaming Aubree, Sonya scowled in displeasure. “Aubree feels guilty over her actions. She came back to apologize to us last night. How
could you be this harsh to her?”

She then glanced at Estella, who was hiding behind Lucian.

Estella was sobbing silently.

Feeling bad for her, Sonya urged softly, “Essie, stop crying. Tell me, did you get hurt?”

Estella adored her grandmother, so she nodded wordlessly in response to Sonya’s question.

“If you knew where we found Essie, you wouldn’t have asked her that.”

Lucian pinned Sonya with a withering look.

Sonya was baffled.

They only got to talk on the phone hastily yesterday, so she didn’t get to ask about the details.

Lucian shot Aubree an icy look and said, “Essie ran into the mountains near the botanical garden and fell into a hole. There was where we found her. She
was there the whole night. Do you seriously think she didn’t get hurt?”

His words were meant for both Sonya and Aubree. He hoped Aubree would leave tactfully after hearing what he had to say.

Sonya blanched in horror after hearing what Estella had gone through. She bent down and pulled Estella into her arms. “Oh, you must’ve suffered a lot,
Essie. Let me give you a hug. Don’t wander off in the future, okay?”

Estella allowed Sonya to hug her but couldn’t stop sobbing no matter how Sonya consoled her.

After a while, Sonya noticed Aubree was near to tears. Feeling sorry for Aubree, she said, “Aubree means well. She wanted to change to a bigger
room for you and Essie. She didn’t know that Essie would get this upset.

Now that Essie is safe and sound, you should stop blaming her.”

Lucian’s brows knitted together, and he said naught a word.

“Besides, Aubree told me you were with that woman. What is going on?

You’re getting engaged soon. Everyone in Horington knows that you’re

getting engaged to Aubree. What if words get out? How do you think Aubree will feel?” As her son seemed unfazed, Sonya felt her heart sink. “Don’t tell
me you’re planning on marrying Roxanne? I’ve made myself clear.

I won’t accept her, ever! She has to bear some sort of responsibility over Essie’s disappearance, too!”

Right after she said that, she felt Estella’s chest heaving in her arms.

Sonya shot Estella a worried look. The little girl was crying until she was gasping for air. She was also struggling to free herself from Sonya’s

It was pretty apparent that the little girl was upset that Sonya had chided Roxanne.

Comprehension dawned, and Sonya scowled unhappily. “I don’t know what’s so great about her. Why does Essie love her so much? She can’t even bear
to hear me chiding her! If she knew what had happened, I wonder if she’ll still feel the same way!”

If Essie was an adult, I would’ve told her how Roxanne had dumped her when she was a kid!

Realizing Sonya intended to spill the truth, Lucian cut in, “This has nothing to do with Roxanne! If Roxanne hadn’t entered the mountains late at night to
search for Essie, she would have had to spend the night in the mountains!”

That didn’t occur to Sonya, and she was struck silent. A few seconds later, she said grudgingly, “She ought to do that!”

Roxanne abandoned Essie when she was just a baby. She’s just making it up to Essie!

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