His And Her Marriage Chapter 289

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 289 – I Will Take You There

Lucian was resolute. Aubree had no choice but to leave with her head hung low.

Elias and Sonya stayed back for a while to spend time with Estella.

No matter how hard they tried, Estella remained disinterested. The little girl refused to write any words even though Sonya gave her a pen and paper.
She would only nod or shake her head at any questions they posed.

Sonya felt bad for Estella, as she knew the little girl was traumatized by last night’s events.

The only thing she could do was to spend more time with Estella.

When night arrived, Sonya got to her feet reluctantly. “Should I bring Essie back so I can take care of her? You’re busy, and I’m afraid you can’t take
care of her well.”

Lucian rejected her offer outright. “No, thanks.”

After what happened last night, he refused to let Estella go anywhere.

As he refused to give in, Sonya said nothing else. She talked to Estella briefly before leaving with her husband.

After they left, Lucian redressed Estella’s wound and led her upstairs so she could go to bed.

Estella stared at her wound silently and showed no response to his words.

Frowning, Lucas asked, “Does your wound hurt?”

Estella lifted her head and shook her head.

“What’s wrong? Tell me,” Lucian said patiently.

Pursing her lips, Estella pointed at the medicine on the table and took the pen to write “Ms. Jarvis” on the paper.

Her action tugged at Lucian’s heartstrings. “Do you want to give the medicine to Ms. Jarvis?”

Estella bobbed her head firmly.

The medicine in our house is efficient. Ms. Jarvis suffers from the same injury as mine, so she should be able to use the same medicine I just used! I miss
her so much.

Lucian glanced at the time and ruffled her hair. “It’s late. Ms. Jarvis must be asleep. We’ll pay her a visit tomorrow, okay?”

Estella hesitated before nodding obediently.

Ms. Jarvis must be tired, as she had to search for me. She needs to rest.

Seeing that Estella didn’t press on, Lucian heaved a sigh of relief and led her upstairs so she could go to bed.

Lucian still remembered how afraid she was this morning. Thus, he decided to spend the night with her.

He was exhausted from staying up all night and promptly fell asleep after coaxing Estella to sleep.

The next morning, Estella woke him up by shaking his body repeatedly.

Opening his eyes groggily, he saw that Estella had already changed her outfit and was waiting for him to leave.

It took him a while before he realized Estella wanted to leave right away to give Roxanne the medicine.

“Okay. I’ll take you there,” Lucian promised her solemnly.

Climbing out of bed, he washed up and brought her downstairs.

Downstairs, Estella ran to the medical kit and found the medicine she had used last night. She placed the medicine beside her when she was having
breakfast so they could leave after breakfast.

Lucian sighed when he saw her action.

Perhaps this is their mother-and-daughter bond.

They are both worried about each other. I’m worried about Roxanne, too. Those who had no idea what happened to her might think she was seriously wounded judging from Essie’s reaction.

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