His And Her Marriage Chapter 221

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 221 – After heading home that night, Roxanne only told Lysa she needed to run an errand and asked her to take care of Archie and Benny.

When she returned to her room, she bought the tickets for herself and Larry to take the plane early the next morning.

Roxanne woke up the following morning and merely packed up her things before leaving for the airport.

Once she stepped out of her house, Roxanne saw Larry waiting at the entrance. “I thought it might be inconvenient for you to drive.

Therefore, I drop by to pick you up.” Then, Larry opened his car door. With a simple thank–you, Roxanne sat inside his car.

Both of them chatted during the car ride. Roxanne suddenly recalled something and asked the man beside her out of curiosity, “

Larry, I remembered you only stayed in Chania briefly before going abroad to work back then. How long is your stay this time?”

Larry replied smilingly, “I originally planned to leave, but you should know why I didn‘t. It‘s because of my elder‘s surgery that my departure got delayed.”

It occurred to Roxanne that Larry did mention he intended to go overseas the last time they met.

It was just that the elderly had been out of surgery and was recovering well according to his words.

Nonetheless, Larry didn‘t mention anything about leaving the country. Instead, he had begun to participate in Chania’s medical conference.

Roxanne couldn‘t help but feel baffled. She asked persistently, “When do you plan on leaving this time? I‘ll see you off.”

Larry‘s brows furrowed slightly. “I‘m not leaving.” Roxanne appeared quite flabbergasted by his answer.

“Why? Haven‘t you always liked the academic setting abroad? Moreover, you should be more accustomed to the research environment there.”

To her knowledge, Larry had always studied abroad ever since he entered the medical industry.

I wonder why he suddenly decided to stay this time. Larry‘s gaze turned gentle when he made eye contact with her. “It‘s mainly because of you.”

Roxanne couldn‘t help but be taken aback by his response. “After coming back this time, I discovered that the overall environment in Chanaea is very encouraging.

For example, the specialists in the country cooperated well with you in the last surgery you performed. That‘s why I also plan to stay here to develop my career further for some time.

If I can‘t blend in, I can always go aboard anytime,” Larry tenderly explained to her. Roxanne inexplicably let out a sigh of relief upon listening to his statement.

She inclined her head while smiling. “Since you‘re so remarkable, I guess many hospitals must be coveting you when you decided to remain in Chanaea to develop your career.”

Although Larry is young, he‘s already well– known globally. Having him around is equivalent to having a renowned figure.

I bet numerous hospitals would be vying over him. Larry noncommittally replied while bobbing his head, “I‘ve indeed received in
vitations from several hospitals, hoping I could work for them.

The salary offered to me is rather handsome. Thus, I‘m considering their proposals.” “If you want to join one of the hospitals in Horington, I might be able to offer some suggestions,”

Roxanne initiated. “In order to make plans for future collaboration, my research institute has recently done some investigation on a majority of the acclaimed hospitals in the city.” Larry certainly wouldn’t refuse her kind gesture.

Right until the time they boarded the plane, both of them were discussing the reputable hospitals in Harington.

It was noon when their plane landed in Bellridge. Right after they exited the airport, they immediately boarded the event organizer‘s car and arrived at a hotel where they would be staying.

As the conference would only begin in the afternoon, there was still ample time for them to rest.

After Roxanne returned to the country with Larry, they basically stayed in Harington the entire time. Seeing that it was a rare opportunity for them to come to Baldridge, she seized the chance to do shopping nearby the event venue since it wasn‘t time for lunch.

After lunch, they returned to their respective hotel rooms to get ready for the conference in the afternoon.

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