His And Her Marriage Chapter 222

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 222 – The conference officially began in the afternoon.

Roxanne and Larry had arrived at the venue half an hour earlier. As Roxanne observed the people entering the venue, she could not help but
grow increasingly apprehensive.

Just as Larry had told her, the people who attended the event were all prominent figures in the medical field.

Although she had never seen them in person, she had seen their pictures on multiple media sources reporting on medical issues.

Larry brought her over to greet them. “You‘re Janet?” The moment one of the seniors realized that Roxanne was Janet, a look of doubt crept up his face. “

A woman? More so this young?” Janet had always maintained a mysterious appearance. Everyone only knew that she was Harvey‘s disciple.

They did not expect that she was such a young female. As they stared at her, they could not help but doubt her.

Roxanne could clearly see the suspicion in his eyes. However, as she had already been used to these sorts of gazes, she smiled nonchalantly and greete d him politely.

Standing by the side, Larry turned to the man and smiled. “Don‘t be fooled by her youthful appearance. Even I am no match for her in certain aspects.”
As the man listened to Larry, his suspicions increased even more.

He observed them with a weird look in his eyes and then smiled. “Since you brought her here, we‘ll take your word for it.”

Anyone could guess what he was thinking of by his reaction alone.

Larry furrowed his brows and was about to say something when Roxanne interrupted, “

Since everyone here is a prominent figure in the medical field, I trust that they will be able to make accurate judgments based on medical practice.

Whether I am Janet, or whether Janet can live up to her reputation or not, everyone can make their own deduction after the conference.”

Since these people are doubting me, I shall make sure to put on a good show later. Larry was slightly taken aback.

Shortly after, he nodded and said, “You‘re right. I didn‘t think it through.” The both of them then went back to take their seats.

Soon, the conference started. It began with the leaders of Chanaea proposing a topic, and everyone would have the chance to speak according to their seating arrangement.

When it was Roxanne‘s turn, everyone paid utmost attention to her. Roxanne stood up graciously and smiled at the crowd before stating her thoughts in a clear and concise manner.

As the crowd listened to her, the suspicion in their eyes was soon replaced with admiration.

Roxanne‘s expression remained unchanged as she voiced her thoughts. Once she was done, she bowed to the crowd and sat back down. in.

The next second, everyone started applauding. The leader, who had proposed the topic, looked at her with admiration from not far away.

Roxanne again bowed slightly as a sign of courtesy. After a while, the conference officially ended. True to Roxanne‘s word, every one present saw her in a different light.

Every ounce of their previous skepticism had dissolved into nothingness. Roxanne, too, learned a lot from this conference.

Although the leaders of the medical field were a little arrogant, they had achieved that title with their extensive knowledge.

They had shared many different views on the topics discussed, which led Roxanne to think deeply about it.

“I apologize for offending you earlier, Ms. Jarvis,” the leader said to Roxanne just as she was about to leave her seat.

There was a crowd following him as he came up to her. Roxanne quickly got up and walked over to meet the leader.

“You‘re too polite, Mr. Lynch. I‘m still so young. It‘s natural for the others to be doubtful of me.

” I‘ve long heard of the famous Janet. Since you are finally able to show up at the conference, you must join us for dinner.

It is wonderful to have such a brilliant addition to the medical field in Chania.” The look of admiration in his eyes seemed to have increased tenfold.

With such an amazing compliment from one of the leaders in the medical field, Roxanne was incredibly stunned.

She did not dare to decline his offer and thus smiled as she accepted it.

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