His And Her Marriage Chapter 220

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 220 – Roxanne put down her fork at the thought of being able to receive some guidance from those prominent figures. After taking the invitation card, she expressed her gratitude. “Larry, thanks for being so thoughtful.

I truly look forward to it!” Her current image resembled a child who had received candy. Larry‘s eyes sparkled with happiness as he found it rare to
see her being that eager.

“You’re welcome. Previously, you left in a hurry after performing surgery on one of the elders in my family. Thus, I wasn‘t able to t hank you properly.

Every day, my elders will nag me to treat you to a meal as they felt very bad about it. Therefore, you can treat this as a token of gratitude.”

Roxanne was filled with anticipation about attending the medical conference. When she heard his comment, she nonchalantly smiled at him.

“I was in a hu rry to pick up my kids. Besides, I just did what‘s within my capabilities.”

After that, she queried in concern, “By the way, how is that elderly faring? I didn‘t have the chance to conduct another body check–
up after the operation that day.”

Larry replied, “He got transferred to the general ward after the surgery the day after. All he needs now is to recuperate. It‘s all thanks to you.”

Not daring to take any credit, Roxanne merely smiled and changed the topic. “You‘re the one getting invited to this medical conference.

Are you sure it will be fine if I tag along?” Larry could be said to have achieved some accomplishments in the medical field.

Coupled with his family background, those medical experts thought highly y of him. Many people had even expressed their admiration for him publicly.

As for herself, she was a nobody whose name might be unheard of by those experts.

Roxanne was worried that her appearance would lower the standards of the conference.

Larry couldn‘t help but feel amused after realizing the meaning behind her words. “You had studied under Professor Lambert for so many years.

Do you still see yourself as that same nobody in the past who just went overseas? Those experts might not have heard of your real name before, but they had long heard of your other alias–Janet.”

A flash of joy passed through Roxanne‘s eyes. Following that, the woman rubbed her nose as she giggled.

She was so accustomed to being humble that she almost forgot that Janet, the other name she used, had some reputation internationally.

“In that case. I‘ll accept your offer.” Roxanne chuckled as she put the invitation card inside her handbag Larry nodded. “It‘s supposed to be yours.”

“I saw on the invitation card that the conference will take place tomorrow afternoon. What time should we set off?” Roxanne asked.

Seeing how thrilled she was, the joy in Larry‘s eyes intensified. “Tomorrow morning. Both of us can get some rest upon reaching.

We will be able to mark it on time before the conference begins. Also, there will still be time for us to chat with the pioneers in the medical field.”

After learning that she would have an opportunity to meet with the prominent figures in private, Roxanne‘s interest got piqued even further.

She agreed without hesitation, “Okay. I‘ll get the flight tickets.” Larry didn‘t decline her suggestion over such a trivial matter and agreed with a smile.

It was about time. However, the person opposite him was still in a state of excitement. Hence, Larry tapped on the table helplessly. “

You should eat more. I notice that you didn‘t eat much just now.”Only then did Roxanne gradually pull back her thoughts.

After glancing at the time, the woman casually took a couple more bites before she got up to leave. “There‘s still work for me to do in the afternoon, so I‘ll return to the research institute first. I‘ll notify you after getting the plane tickets.”

Larry promptly agreed. Roxanne initially had mixed feelings after bumping into Lucian earlier that morning.

However, those negative emotions diminished during lunch after she learned that she could partake in the conference.

Despite spending the entire afternoon working, the smile on Roxanne‘s face didn‘t vanish even once.

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