His And Her Marriage Chapter 214

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 214 – When they arrived at the mansion, Lucian suddenly spoke up when Roxanne was about to help Madilyn get out of the car.

“If you‘re worried about your children, why would you go to a place like that?”

Roxanne could see Lucian‘s frosty expression through the rearview mirror.

Pausing for a moment, she replied, “Mr. Farwell, you made the bar sound like some kind of shady place. Weren‘t you there too?”

“Unlike you, I was there for business. Ms. Jarvis, you sure have many men accompanying you earlier,” Lucian retorted.

Roxanne could not help frowning at his jibe. At that moment, she also recalled the words Lucian had said to her at the bar.

“Ms. Jarvis, since you already have two children, I advise you to clean up your act. Even if you don‘t care about your reputation, think about your boys.

I wonder what will they think if they knew their mother has been frequenting that kind of place while chatting up some random guys,”. Lucian added slyly.

It was not the first time they had discussed such a topic.

Roxanne did not know if it was because of the wine, but she could not suppress her anger at that moment.

“Mr. Farwell, don‘t you think you‘re being nosy by meddling in my private life? So what if I‘ve two children? I‘m single right now.

What‘s wrong with me having a drink or two with another man? We‘re all adults here,” she retorted.

Was Lucian‘s frown deepened when he sensed that Roxanne was on the verge of losing her temper. He wanted to retort but ended up saying nothing.

Despite having two children, I can‘t argue the fact that Roxanne is a single woman right now. Given our current relationship, I‘m not in a position to interfere with her private life either.

Still, I get p*ssed seeing her with another man, After staying silent for a few seconds, Lucian uttered, “Are you planning to find a father for Archie and Benny in a place like that? Do you think you can find a reliable man there?”

Roxanne let out a chuckle. “I‘ll only know if the man is reliable once we get to know each other. Of course, I can‘t find out if the man is reliable if you
keep interrupting us as you did earlier. Mr. Farwell, if you‘re so worried, why don‘t you introduce someone to me?”

“Roxanne!” A flash of anger passed through Lucian‘s eyes.

Roxanne averted her gaze in disappointment. “Mr. Farwell, since you don‘t plan to do that, you should mind your own business from now on.”

With that, she opened the car door and helped Madilyn out of the car.

Through the rearview mirror, Lucian saw that Roxanne was struggling to walk while supporting Madilyn.

Frowning, he got out of the car and wanted to give Roxanne a hand.

Sensing Lucian‘s intention, Roxanne immediately turned sideways to avoid him. Looking at the man, who was standing close to her, she said indifferently,
“Mr. Farwell, you‘re right to say that people should be careful while choosing a partner. I‘m not interested in a married man.

Since you already have a fiancée, you should keep your distance from me.”

Lucian‘s expression changed when he heard her remarks.

Roxanne continued coldly, “Mr. Farwell, if Ms. Pearson and Estella misunderstand the situation, it might ruin the happy life in your family. I don‘t know how
to make amends for that.”

According to Aubree, Roxanne was the homewrecker six years ago. Hence, she did not want to come between them again.

Lucian‘s expression darkened like a raging storm when he saw her indifferent attitude. The atmosphere around him was filled with tension.

Nevertheless, Roxanne helped Madilyn inside as though she did not see his expression.

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