His And Her Marriage Chapter 215

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 215 – Roxanne did not know how to face Estella due to her unpleasant encounters with Lucian.

She would even avoid talking about Estella whenever Archie and Benny brought her up. It did not take long for the two sensitive boys to notice Roxanne‘s strange attitude toward Estella.

Even though they were not avoiding Estella in school, their attitude toward the latter had become colder.

Estella hardly spoke since she had just learned to talk. She would only speak a few words when others brought up a topic that she was interested in.

Estella‘s condition gradually returned to its original state when Archie and Benny did not take the initiative to talk to her.

Furthermore, she had not seen Roxanne for a few days. Lucian was the only one who noticed the changes in Estella. A few days ago, Lucian could still hear Estella speak up occasionally after bringing her home.

Nevertheless, Estella had been unwilling to talk for the past two days. Lucian was worried that Estella might suffer a relapse.

However, the only person who could improve Estella‘s condition had made it clear that she wanted to keep her distance from Lucian.

The man felt conflicted whenever he thought of Roxanne. After picking Estella up from school in the evening, Lucian wanted to guide her into speaking by following James‘ method.

“Essie, how are you doing in the last two days? Are you in a bad mood?” That kind of one–sided conversation had been going on for several days.

Nevertheless, Estella remained silent.

Lucian thought it would be the same that day. Surprisingly, the moment he finished speaking, a sweet but pitiful voice sounded in the car. Pouting, Estella said dejectedly, “I didn‘t see…” “What didn‘t you see?”

Lucian probed, feeling confused. Estella mumbled, “Ms. Jarvis.” Then, she carefully counted on her fingers before stretching out four fingers.

“Four days.” I haven‘t seen Ms. Jarvis for four days.

It was Ms. Lane who picked up Archie and Benny every day. Even though Ms. Lane was also kind to me, I still miss Ms. Jarvis dearly.

Waves of emotions surged within Lucian, knowing fully well that Estella could not see Roxanne because the latter was avoiding him on purpose.

Nevertheless, he did not know how to explain the situation to Estella.

Lucian had not seen Roxanne since their argument when he sent her home from the bar that night. As Roxanne said, the two of us are merely strangers right now.

As that thought occurred to him, Lucian felt an inexplicable sense of displeasure deep down. After a while, he slowly broke out of his reverie.

Seeing how sullen Estella was next to him, Lucian suddenly felt that something was amiss. Wait. Didn‘t she talk with me just now?

Realizing that, Lucian knitted his brows in amazement. As if nothing had happened, he tried to get Estella to talk again.

“Essie, what did you just say?

I didn‘t hear it earlier. Can you repeat it for me?”

Estella simply kept her head low, revealing the round back of her head and her puffed cheeks.

She turned a blind ear to his question. Despite the lack of response, Lucian patiently patted Estella‘s head before trying to guide her again. “You said Ms.

Jarvis didn‘t pick up the boys from school.Then, who was the one who fetched them these last two days?”

As soon as he mentioned Roxanne, Estella slowly raised her head to look at him. Lucian‘s heart raced. He was expecting Estella to finally reply to him.

Much to his surprise, Estella merely glanced at him before shaking her head silently. Then, she lowered her head again as if she refused to communicate with him.

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