His And Her Marriage Chapter 213

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 213 – Several people were stunned to hear that voice.

Roxanne‘s body instinctively stiffened at once.

She knew Lucian too well. By listening to his voice alone, she could imagine his frosty expression at that moment.

Moreover, Roxanne did not know how to face the man behind her due to recent events.

However, Lucian had already walked in front of them.

Hugo noticed Lucian‘s keen gaze on Roxanne. His expression changed immediately. “Mr. Farwell…?”

He did not know that Lucian had another woman apart from Aubree.

Nevertheless, suspicion began to creep into Hugo‘s mind when he saw Lucian‘s attitude toward Roxanne.

Lucian‘s expression turned cold when he recalled the scene of Roxanne clinking her glass with Hugo earlier. “Mr. Reynolds, you should be careful when flirting with women. You shouldn‘t approach those who already have children.”

As he spoke, Lucian threw Roxanne a meaningful glance.

A look of surprise flashed in Hugo‘s eyes as he heard the sarcastic remark.

Roxanne has children already? I didn‘t see that coming at all.

Roxanne did not expect Lucian to suddenly bring up the matter in front of a stranger and still used it to provoke her. Her expression darkened like a storm. “Yes, I do have two children.

However, it doesn‘t affect my life nor what kind of people I make friends with. Mr. Farwell, you don‘t have to worry about me.”

The surrounding temperature seemed to drop as Lucian turned his gaze to Hugo and his friends. Pursing his lips, he asked, “Are you sure you want to talk
about this matter here?”

They were very close to the dance floor. With their outstanding looks, they began to attract the crowd‘s attention.

Noticing the curious glances from the onlookers, Roxanne clenched her fists to suppress her rising anger. Supporting Madilyn, she turned on her heel and
strode out of the bar.

Hugo subconsciously wanted to follow Roxanne. Nevertheless, he stopped in his tracks upon seeing that Lucian was walking closely behind her.

As the cold breeze blew against Roxanne, she began to sober up by the time she walked to the entrance of the bar.

When Roxanne was about to hail a taxi by the roadside, she heard clear footsteps from behind her. It was immediately followed by Lucian‘s commanding tone. “Let me take you girls home.”

Without looking back, Roxanne turned down his offer. “Mr. Farwell, you don‘t have to do that. We can go home by taxi.”

Lucian‘s brows creased as he went straight for her jugular. “How long do you think you‘ll have to wait for a taxi in a place like this? Or are you willing to ma
ke Archie and Benny wait for your return?”

Hearing that, Roxanne froze.

Roxanne did not have time to explain to Lysa when she left the house earlier.

Moreover, she did not know what Madilyn had said to them. Could Archie and Benny be waiting for me right now?

The stalemate lasted for a while as there was not a single vacant taxi on the road. Instead, Madilyn had fallen asleep.

A car slowly stopped in front of Roxanne. The passenger seat‘s window wound down to reveal Lucian‘s stern side profile.

“Get in.” | Roxanne furrowed her brows at his order.

However, Madilyn, who was standing beside her, shuddered in cold. Upon waking up, she saw a car in front of her and mistook it for a taxi. Without thinking, she opened the car door and settled inside.

Madilyn‘s behavior made Roxanne stiffen in shock. The latter leaned over to ask Madilyn to get out of the car. Nevertheless, Roxanne saw that her best friend had already dozed off.

After contemplating for a while, Roxanne followed suit. Looking at Lucian in front of her, she said faintly, “Thank you, Mr. Farwell. I guess I owe you a favor now.”

Lucian frowned without replying to her. He instructed the driver to send them to Roxanne‘s residence in a deep voice.

Soon, the car moved slowly and began to drive toward the destination.

Throughout the ride, the car was dead silent apart from the occasional sound s of Madilyn s mumbling.

The atmosphere inside the car was heavy.

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