His And Her Marriage Chapter 149

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 149 – Estella Spoke Again

After hanging up, Roxanne could not help but worry as she watched the three children playing happily.

Due to what happened previously, she was concerned that Lucian would bring up Archie and Benny’s background again.

Furthermore, she did not want Lucian to find out about Estella’s present condition and decided to take her back.

Soon, Lucian called again. “I have arrived. Which attraction are you at?”
At the same time, the three children urged Roxanne to bring them to a beluga whale performance.

Thus, Roxanne agreed to the children’s requests and replied to Lucien, “We will wait for you at the beluga whale aquarium.”

After hanging up, Roxanne went to the beluga whale aquarium with the children. Meanwhile, Lucian and Cayden bought tickets before heading there too.
Roxanne led the children to sit in the front row near the side. Soon, Lucian came in and saw them instantly. He went to sit beside them.

Estella greeted Lucian happily upon seeing him but soon turned her attention back to the beluga whale performance.

On the other hand, Archie and Benny only nodded in his direction and did not bother to say hi.

Lucian could see Archie and Benny still did not want to talk to him.

He knew it was due to what happened during dinner that night and felt frustrated.

Meanwhile, Roxanne also only greeted him briefly before turning her attention to the performance.

Seeing this, Lucian had no choice but to remain silent.

An aquarium staff stood below the stage and alternated between directing the beluga whales to leap out of the water or getting them to spin around. The beluga whales carried out the orders perfectly and looked adorable.

The children watched with sparkles in their eyes.

“Is there anyone among the audience who would like to come and play with our beluga whales?” The staff turned to look at the audience.

The children raised their hands excitedly upon hearing the offer.

Benny stretched his hand as high as he could and shouted, “Me! Me!”

To their delight, the staff turned to them and said, “The two boys and a girl over there. I can see you like beluga whales very much. Why don’t you come here to play with them?”

Hearing that, the children jumped with joy but did not forget to seek Roxanne’s permission.

As Roxanne was concerned about the children’s safety, the staff added, “May I ask the parents to come here with the children?”

Therefore, Roxanne and the children held hands and went to the side of the pool.

Then, they followed the staff’s instructions and played with the beluga whales for a while.

Soon, it was break time, but the four of them stayed by the pool.

The staff found the children’s enthusiasm endearing and guided them to interact with the beluga whales.

Meanwhile, Roxanne watched from the side.

Archie and Benny stayed together. Benny had always been playful. He kneeled by the pool and scooped water onto the beluga whale. “I’m bathing you! You must stay still and not move!”

However, why would the beluga whale listen to his instruction? It kept splashing water back at Benny.

Thus, Benny and the beluga whale splashed water at each other.

The water soon drenched Archie who watched from the side.

Archie was annoyed and stepped further away from them.

On the other hand, Estella squatted quietly by the pool and gently patted a beluga whale’s head. She looked at it adoringly.

The beluga whale floated near the surface obediently and accepted her touch.

The staff saw how well Estella was getting along with the small beluga whale and gave instructions to the beluga whale from behind Estella.

Suddenly, the beluga whale leaped out of the water’s surface.

The sudden movement shocked Estella, and she tried to step away. However, she felt a cool sensation on her cheek.

Soon, the beluga whale dived back into the water with a splash.

Estella was stunned for a few seconds and turned to Roxanne excitedly to share her joy. “Wow, Ms. Jarvis, the beluga whale kissed me!”

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