His And Her Marriage Chapter 150

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 150 – It Was Always Related To Her

Roxanne could hear Estella’s childish voice clearly through the splashing noise.

She could not help but remain stunned for a moment, thinking she had misheard. Then, she looked at Estella with an astonished expression.

Benny was also stunned and stopped whatever he was doing. He did not even care about water splashing on him.

However, Estella soon continued playing with the beluga whale. She did not notice Roxanne and the others’ shocked expressions.

The staff finally let them return to their seats when the next segment began.

Roxanne and the two boys were still stunned. On the other hand, Estella held Roxanne’s hand and sat down like nothing strange had happened.

Lucian noticed their dazed expressions and asked with a frown, “What’s wrong?”

Roxanne finally came to her senses. She glanced at Estella before whispering, “Estella… She seemed to have spoken just now.”

Furthermore, she spoke fluently and has a lovely voice.

Lucian glanced at his daughter with a surprised expression and asked, “What did she say?”

Roxanne was taken aback by his question. She was too surprised by Estella speaking suddenly and could not remember what Estella said.

Archie chimed in. “She said the beluga whale kissed her.”

Next to Archie, Benny could not resist his curiosity and asked, “Isn’t Essie mute?”

They had always thought Estella was mute. After all, they had never heard her speak since they first met her.

Lucian frowned and answered, “When did I ever say that Essie was mute?”

Archie and Benny exchanged glances.

Roxanne asked in confusion, “Essie doesn’t speak. You also prepared a notepad so that she can write to communicate.”

Lucian felt a little helpless as they mentioned this matter. “Estella was usually unwilling to speak because of autism. Even I only hear a few words from her occasionally. Thankfully, she is willing to write to communicate with us.”

Roxanne suddenly remembered how Estella was when something triggered her autism. Her heart ached for Estella.

On the other hand, Lucian looked conflicted.

Estella was diagnosed with autism when she was little. Thus, Lucian could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times she spoke.

The last time Estella spoke was when she was anxious about Roxanne leaving.

If what Roxanne and the boys said were true, Estella spoke again in Roxanne’s presence. The two times she had spoken concerned Roxanne. Could it be the special bond between a mother and daughter?

Lucian’s eyes darkened as he thought about this. Then, he turned to Estella and asked gently, “Essie, did you have fun playing with the beluga whale just now?”

Estella smiled, forming dimples on her cheeks. She nodded obediently but did not speak.

That prompted Lucian to frown slightly. However, he continued to attempt to coax her to speak. “What did you play with the beluga whale? Can you tell me about it?”

Benny heard Estella speak for the first time just now. He was curious and wanted to hear more. Thus, he urged Estella, “Essie, tell me too! My beluga whale would not listen to me. I bathed it, but it sprayed water all over Archie and me! How was yours so obedient?”

Estella knitted her brow slightly and became flustered by their numerous questions. She searched through Roxanne’s bag to find a pencil and paper to write to them.

Lucian saw what Estella was planning to do and frowned. He did not ask any more questions.

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