His And Her Marriage Chapter 148

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 148 – Making It Up To Her

Feeling bad for making the boys sad, Lucian didn’t show up for the next few days. Instead, he would occasionally send a message to check in on Estella.
As for Roxanne, she heightened her vigilance after what happened and was secretly relieved that he didn’t drop by.

When she saw that his messages were not related to the boys, she replied to all of them accordingly.

From the frequent messages that he sent, Roxanne could see how much he cared for Estella.

Since he cares so much about her, why hasn’t he made an appearance? Is he not worried about leaving her with me just like that? I really have no idea what’s going through that mind of his.

Luckily, Estella was adorable. Not only did she have exquisite features, she was also exceptionally obedient.

Every time she cozied up to Roxanne, Roxanne would be reminded of the daughter she had lost. If she managed to grow up safely, she would be Essie’s age.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne treated Estella as if she was family. Deep down, she felt that being nice to the latter was her way of making it up to her lost daughter.

After spending a lot of time together, Archie and Benny began to see Estella as their own sister. Whether they were at home or in kindergarten, they would constantly protect her.

Meanwhile, Estella smiled all the time during her stay with Roxanne.

When Roxanne saw how happy Estella was, she could feel her heartstrings being tugged.

At the rate they were progressing, Estella’s condition quickly stabilized. In other words, she would be able to go home soon.

Holding that thought, Roxanne began to feel reluctant to part with Estella.

During the weekend, Roxanne planned to take them out for the day, as they have not gone on an outing ever since Estella started staying with them.
“Mommy!” Archie and Benny approached her enthusiastically. “Let’s take Essie to the aquarium!”

Hearing that, Roxanne looked in Estella’s direction to seek her opinion.

The latter nodded obediently.

As long as I can stay with Ms. Jarvis, Archie, and Benny, it doesn’t matter where I go.

With that, Roxanne got the children to pack up before heading to the aquarium together.

Since Lucian was usually busy with work, he seldom brought Estella out. As for Archie and Benny, it was the first time both of them visited an aquarium in the country.

The moment the children entered the aquarium, they were captivated by the smorgasbord of marine life in it. From time to time, they would stop to interact with the fishes.

Roxanne would patiently wait and take pictures for them. Furthermore, she would also provide an explanation of the fish that she recognized.

As a result, the children had a blast inside.

Afterward, Roxanne took them to the children’s activity center where she sat by the side and waited.

Just then, her phone rang.

When she saw who it was, her brows slightly knitted.

Lucian? He has only been sending messages recently, so why is he calling now?

Lucian’s voice rang out once the call connected. “Where are you?”

Roxanne was briefly stunned. “Did something come up?”

Lucian replied in a deep voice. “I brought Essie something, but Catalina told me that you guys have gone out. Where are you? I’ll go over instead.”

He dropped by early in the morning to see Estella but didn’t find her there. When Cayden asked him whether he wanted to go home, Lucian hesitated before giving Roxanne a call.

Since it was about Estella, Roxanne pondered briefly before replying, “We’re at the aquarium.”

Over the line, Lucian’s voice rang out at once. “I’ll head over right away.”

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