His And Her Marriage Chapter 139

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 139 – Will You Really Cancel The Engagement Sonya’s intentions were clear. She still hoped that Lucian would marry Aubree. Over the last six years, she had pestered him many times about it.

Lucian cocked a brow in annoyance. “I know what I’m doing. There’s no need for you to interfere.”
Sonya was upset. “You know what you’re doing? Are you really planning on canceling the engagement?”

Before Lucian could reply, Sonya’s expression drastically changed while the resolve in her voice hardened. “No matter what, you personally agreed to the
engagement with the Pearson family. You cannot disappoint her after how long she has waited.

I forbid you from reneging on your word, so don’t ever bring it up in front of me again!” Subsequently, Sonya threw her son a stern look before shooting a glare at the mansion’s main door. It was as if she could pierce through it with her eyes and see Roxanne inside.

In the end, she recovered her gaze before storming off.After watching his mother’s silhouette disappear, Lucian collected his emotions and returned to the mansion. Estella had stopped crying in Roxanne’s arms and didn’t appear to be badly affected.

The moment she saw him enter, she jumped out of Roxanne’s embrace and ran to hug his thigh. When she stared blankly at him, he could
see that her eyes and nose were a bit red. After stroking her head to comfort her, Lucian shifted his gaze in Roxanne’s direction.

“I’m sorry that my mom has caused you trouble. I didn’t expect her to suddenly come here.” Having regained her composure, Roxanne nodded calmly. “It’s fine. I’m not the least bit surprised by her attitude. After all, I left the Farwell family on very bad terms.

Besides, she never approved of our marriage, and time has proven her right.” Back then, Roxanne had married Lucian in spite of Sonya’s objections. Unfortunately, they tormented each other in the end.

When she returned to the country, she had considered the possibility of the Farwell family giving her trouble. Nevertheless, she never expected to be
involved with Lucian again, let alone encounter Sonya under such circumstances.

Lucian frowned slightly at her answer but didn’t know what to say, for Roxanne was merely stating the facts. In fact, his mother’s prejudice against her had never decreased one bit. Suddenly, silence descended upon the living room.

“Ms. Jarvis, Mr. Farwell,” Catalina remarked carefully. “It’s time to send the children to school.” Both of them were jolted back to their senses. When Roxanne held her sons’ hands, she hesitated for a while before looking at Lucian.

“As for Essie… Do you want to take her, or do you want me to continue looking after her?” Sonya’s words earlier had reminded Roxanne that Estella couldn’t stay by her side forever. Just when Lucian was about to reply, Estella released his leg and ran back to grab Roxanne’s dress.

Both Roxanne and Lucian were shocked by her reaction. When Estella heard for the second time that morning that she was going to
leave Roxanne, her already reddened eyes moistened further.

Giving Lucian a pleading look, she looked like she was going to continue crying if he were to decide to take her away.
As he had no such intention, Lucian replied, “Please continue watching over her as her condition has yet to stabilize.

When it’s inconvenient for you to do so, you can let Catalina bring her home.” When Roxanne saw how pitiful Estella looked, she nodded with a wavering
heart. Upon Roxanne’s agreement, Estella’s miserable expression was replaced by a delightful smile.

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