His And Her Marriage Chapter 140

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 140 – Patience Is Required On the way home from Roxanne’s house, Sonya pondered upon the matter
and decided to give Aubree a call. Meanwhile, Aubree was puzzled to receive Sonya’s call so early in the morning.

“Aubree, I have already spoken to Lucian, and he will not speak of canceling the engagement with you again.” Even though Sonya had requested it
unilaterally, she conveyed the decision simply because her son didn’t object to it.

Aubree was ecstatic to hear the news. “Is it true, Mrs. Farwell?” Just as she spoke, she inquired further, “But what about Roxanne? She
seems to be very close to Lucian. Furthermore, Essie likes her too.”Sonya’s tone turned grim at the mention of Roxanne.

Just ignore her, as only you can be Lucian’s future wife. With regard to Essie, you have to be more
patient with her, for she’s still just a child. I’ll let the matter slide this time, but you had better not do that again!”

Aubree readily agreed, “Mrs. Farwell, please rest assured that I’ll treat Essie as if she’s my own daughter.” Nevertheless, the thought of Estella staying with Roxanne over the last two days continued to unsettle her. Hence, she pried further,

“By the way, has Essie gone home yet? I want to find an opportunity to apologize to her.” Sonya replied in a lackluster tone, “Not yet.
I wanted to bring her back, but her condition hasn’t stabilized. She wants to stay with Roxanne, and it’s also good for her recovery.

By the time she feels better, I’ll bring her back again.” In response, an icy glint flashed across Aubree’s eyes. That despicable kid is still together with Roxanne! Prior to this, she has been the reason why Lucian doesn’t like me and refuses to marry me. Now that she is growing closer to Roxanne,

she might become the reason for him to remarry the latter! The more Aubree thought about it, the more upset she became.
Aware that her only hope continued to rest on Sonya, she maintained a cordial tone while speaking. “I understand, Mrs. Farwell.

Essie’s well-being takes priority.” When Sonya heard Aubree’s caring words, she advised in a solemn tone,
“Aubree, you have to be patient when it comes to getting what you want. Do you understand what I mean?”

“I do, Mrs. Farwell. Don’t worry,” Aubree replied calmly. Sonya nodded in satisfaction. “Soon, I’ll invite your parents to finalize your marriage.
There’s no need to feel anxious, as that will not help you achieve success.”

With the doubts in her heart removed, Aubree’s eyes lit up as she agreed with a smile. In the evening, Roxanne arrived at the kindergarten on the dot to collect the three children. There, Lucian was already waiting. She had assumed that he would stay for dinner just like the day before.

However, he left right away after dropping them off at the door, saying that he was busy. Upon entering the house, they were welcomed by the dinner Catalina had prepared. After finishing their food, Roxanne played with the children for a while downstairs before ushering them to bed.

Roxanne tucked Archie and Benny in and returned to her room, where Catalina had just given Estella a bath. Having put on her bunny pajamas, Estella looked like a stuffed toy as she sat starry-eyed on the bed while waiting for Roxanne.

The moment she saw the latter enter, she broke into a sweet smile and stretched her arms out for a hug.
As Roxanne picked Estella up, the latter wrapped her arms around Roxanne’s neck obediently.

When Estella laid her face against hers, Roxanne felt as if her heart was about to melt from the sensation.

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