His And Her Marriage Chapter 138

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His And Her Marriage Chapter 138 – You Have Gone Overboard Upon hearing his mother’s words, Lucian gave her a noncommittal nod.
Assuming that he had agreed, Sonya turned around and prepared to take Estella with her. However, Lucian’s voice suddenly rang out.

“You might not be aware of how Essie was over the last two days.” His words caused her to stop abruptly. Although she had heard from Catalina
about Estella’s autistic episode over the last two days, she wasn’t aware of how serious it was.

“Essie’s episode this time was more intense than the last. Even James had no solution for it. Only when she’s with Roxanne does she behave like a
normal child. Furthermore, Roxanne has even managed to get her to talk the other day.

Do you know how significant this is compared to the past?” Lucian questioned with a deep voice.Essie has talked?
Sonya was filled with shock, as she had mentally prepared herself for Estella to remain mute her entire life.

I can’t believe that woman managed to get her to speak! When he saw the astonishment on Sonya’s face, Lucian pursed his lips. “I was equally surprised, but there’s no denying it. In fact, Essie refuses to leave Roxanne’s side despite not even knowing the latter is her mother.

Even if you refuse to admit it, there’s no way you can erase the instinctive bond between them.”
Sonya knitted her brows in displeasure. She knew that Lucian was right despite her unwillingness to accept the truth.

At that moment, she couldn’t find the words to rebut him. “Mom, we have spent many years trying to cure Essie to no avail. But now,
we finally have hope. Even if Essie accepts Roxanne, I have no objections as long as she can fully recover.”

Lucian spoke in a mellow and convincing voice. “Given how much you love Essie, I’m sure you, too, want the best for her. Therefore, I hope that you
won’t disrupt their lives anymore, as Essie can’t afford to suffer another blow.”

Even though the thought of Estella’s autism caused Sonya to waver, she still couldn’t get over the past. She questioned angrily, “Are you saying that you’re willing to accept her even after what she has done to you?” Lucian replied, “That’s between the two of us. I’ll deal with it properly.”

Sonya pressed on. “What about Essie? By allowing her to grow close to Roxanne, what’s going to happen when she finds out that she was once
abandoned by the latter? How will she feel? Will she be able to take it?” Lucian furrowed his brows together.

Given that the matter was potentially a misunderstanding and it wasn’t fully investigated yet, he had no intention of explaining. He simply answered,
“There’s no need for you to worry. Whatever Essie deserves to know, I won’t hide it from her.”

In other words, he would continue his relationship with Roxanne and also allow Estella to do the same. Cognizant of her son’s character, Sonya knew that whatever she said would be useless. Nonetheless, she still couldn’t help but remind him of Aubree.

“What about Aubree? What do you expect her to do? After she waited by your side for so many years and sacrificed so much for us, do you plan to
abandon her just like that?” Lucian was filled with hatred at the mention of Aubree. “Do you know why Essie resents her?”

Stunned, Sonya explained at once, “Is it because of what Aubree did to Essie? Didn’t she explain it to us already? She didn’t do it on purpose and
was only worried about Essie’s safety. It only happened under desperate circumstances.

Moreover, she regrets her action and has apologized to us about it.” Just as she finished, she turned the tables on him. “
As for you, you have gone overboard with your recent behavior toward her!”

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