Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 6

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 6 – -MILLIE-

The music, the buzz, and the chatter were drowned out by thuddling inside my chest. My heartbeat was loud, louder than the alcohol droning in my head. I am suddenly very aware that Lam kissing Damian freaking Black, Candice’s hot stepbrother.

I pulled away, reality dawning on me. Like the deepest part of the forest after the rain, his green eyes regarded me with a look that could make a criminal concede to plead guilty.

“What the f u ck did I just do? My wildly beating heart pumped blood into my cheeks. “What if he has a girlfriend, or worse, a wife? I’m not exactly updated on Damian’s current status in life or anything about him, period

As though his skin burned me. I lifted my hands from resting on his chest, but Damian’s big and warm hand slipped onto my lower back. He drew me closer until our fronts were pressed together.

“I’m so his lips crushing on mine swallowed whatever words I was about to spew. Rough paws clasped the back of my neck. angling my face to gain better access. Catching my lips parted, his deft tongue swept inside my mouth-easily. Surprisingly. his touch was gentle and forceful at the same time.

An army of ants crawled beneath my skin as he licked my lips, lapping at the bottom and giving it a little bite. Electric shock zapped my lady parts to life as we pulled apart.

Something about the way Damian held me close to his body and his intense gaze made my insides shiver with excitement. It released thousands of butterflies from the cage to flutter around my belly.

I was speechless. My eyes dilated, tumbling back into my equilibrium. I don’t think I have been kissed like that before, like my lips were the sweetest thing he ever tasted, and he couldn’t get enough Damian knew how to f ucking kiss. Oh boy. What?

No. No. No. I’m drunk. That’s all this is. The freaking alcohol.
“Uhm.”I gripped the lapel of his suit once again, needing something to keep me steady.

“D:” a deep voice echoed behind me. My feet were in contact with earth again, and the noise, the people, the low light from the bar started to make sense again. “What the hell? You said you haven’t slept with her.”
My brows furrowed at his incensed tone. I disentangled from Damian, but he kept a solid grip on my waist, me on his side.

Blond curls framing angular jaws emphasized the blue accusing gaze directed at Damian. It’s Matthew Evans, Damian’s best buddies in high school. On his right was his cousin Charlie and Madeline’s boyfriend, and behind Luke.
They all had surprised and confused expressions directed at Damian.

Damian raised a shoulder in a lazy shrug and squeezed my waist His kiss made me forget why I was even glued to his side. “Why the hell did I kiss Damian again?
and the My dazed eyes found Madeline and Natalie walking up to us. Felicity and her minions were closed behind.

Five pair of eyes. sporting contrasting emotions, reminded me of my f ucked up lie. Madeline’s eyes sparkled with glee, Felicity’s narrowed and probing, Halie’s and Luna’s were confused with lingering surprise, and Natalie was clearly disorientated.

I giggled nervously and patted Damian’s chest. He was pure muscles. Da mn. So hard and defined. I wonder how he’d look naked. Dizziness struck me just imagining it, so I leaned my head on his shoulder.. Although I don’t understand why Matt would say that, I explained.

“I asked him to keep ‘us’ a secret, at least until I tell Candice.” Matt kept his sharp-edged glare focused on Damian. Madeline reached Charlie, and the latter planted a kiss on her forehead. “You and Damian?” Felicity squeaked, her perfectly curved brows tipped to the ceiling.

I hummed, smiling sweetly at her. Jealousy in bold capital letters flashed like a neon sign on her forehead. Back in high school, Felicity had a huge crush on Damian. I know so because Candice busted my ears with complaints about girls coming up to see Damian in their home.

They bring him gifts, some even sneak into the property straight to Damian’s bedroom.
Teenagers and their hormones, Candice used to say.

“It’s still pretty new, I said, locking eyes with Natalie. She wasn’t the only one who knew how to lie. “We reconnected at Candice’s wedding”
Damian had always been one of the handsome faces at school, but I remember seeing him at Candice’s wedding. He took my breath away.

Well, he caught a lot of women’s eyes that day.
I have to commend Damian’s poker face. We acknowledged each other with a nod at Candice’s wedding.

He had a S** y redhead wrapped around him the entire time. Once the picture-taking and ceremony were done, they disappeared to G od knows where
Good thing none of the people from this group were present at that wedding. They seemed to buy my story apart from Matt.

He seemed skeptical, but said nothing. And, of course. Natalie knew I was lying, She knew all too well that Hunter and I were together until yesterday morning, when I found them f ucking in his apartment. I pinned her with a razor-sharp stare. daring her to speak up.

With her lower lip stuck out in a pout and thinned eyes, she kept her mouth shut
“Who’d have thought?” Felicity’s eyes darted from Damian to me. “Millicent, the uptight nerd, and Damian… Damian Black I’m sure I’m not the only one surprised by this news.”

I stiffened when Damian pulled me tighter to him. “And you are?”
I couldn’t stop chortling. Felicity’s mouth hung open.

“She’s Felicity Adams. The cheer captain and homecoming queen.” Hallie, came to her friend’s rescue, looping her arm around Felicity’s. “How can you not remember her when you were in the student council together?” She asked accusingly.

Damian seemed to ponder on it, but he ended up shrugging. “Anyway, being a nerd was Millicent’s appeal. Smart girls are f ucking hot.”
His friends hummed in agreement.

Who would’ve thought that these boys who go around campus f ucking random chicks at all corners of our high school would agree to that statement? I wonder if they were just playing along with Damian.

We clustered a good space in front of the bar. People were starting to line up on the other side, so Madeline invited us to sit in one of the booths.
I detached myself from Damian to follow everyone, but he kept an iron grip on my waist. “Go ahead. I just need some alone time with ‘my girl.”

His friends gave him a pat on the shoulder. While the distance between us and them stretched, dread spiraled down my spine. My stomach somersaulted. The alcohol I depended on for courage threatened to crawl out where it came in.

I shivered. If it was from Damian’s body attached to mine, to the “my girl’ claim, or the fact that he was obviously going to haul me for the reason I kissed him, I’m not sure. I kept my eyes on everyone as they settled into the booth, dreading Damian’s cross-examination yet.

“I’m gonna collect,” Damian said, successfully grabbing my attention. Now that we are alone, Fexamined his features up close, really studied him. I drowned in those deep sets of green eyes.They were brooding as though he wanted to read my soul. “What?” I asked, ordering a glass of vodka cranberry. “A favor for a favor.” Damian murmured. Oh, hell.

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