Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 7

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 7 – -MILLIE-

“Yeah, sure.” I struggled to sound confident. A merry-go-round of probable favor he’d asked made my head spun.

Collect? G od. What kind of collection does someone like Damian do? Definitely not money. He was a billionaire’s heir for crying out loud. Sex? Oh Go d!
Dread settled on my belly. Sweat began to form on my spine. What have I gotten myself into? S hit. S hit. Sh it!

I wasn’t a virgin nor a prude, but I don’t randomly sleep with men. The concept of one-night stands still puzzled me. How do women have S** with random men without getting attached? I’m not judging anyone who indulges in that kind of activity. It’s their life. It’s just not for me.

But I knew the right to options was not in my hands. I gave that up when I kissed him. It only seemed fair for Damian to ‘collect.”
A silly part of me hopes that is not the case. One percent of my brain and the rest say Damian will ask for S** as payment, given his history and all.

Now, I’m judging the man who saved me from that catastrophic groupie? What was wrong with me?
Damian’s slightly down turned mouth tugged into a knowing smirk. As though he could read the thoughts in my head.

I finished my drink in one go. I reached my alcohol limit hours ago, but I ordered another.
“So, who was I supposed to be?” Damian asked, sliding down his seat and offering it to me.

I shook my head, no, but he gripped my waist and deposited me on the barstool. My as s landed on the warm leather surface with a squeak
“What?” The dimmed lights on the bar spin. Why am I seeing two Damian Black?

“How much alcohol did you drink?” Frowning, he cupped my face and tilted it side to side. I pinched my eyes closed, gripping the edge of the counter so tightly from fear of falling on the floor. “Too many.” I blinked my eyes again and again until Damian’s twin disappeared. “What was your question again?”

“I am the boyfriend.” He asked for a refill of his whiskey and waited until the bartender was done. “We reconnected at Pigtail’s wedding,” he reminded me.
I smiled at his cute pet name for Candice. She loathed pigtails the moment Damian christened her with it back in third grade.

“We haven’t had S** yet,” he winked, and my cheeks flared.
“Just for tonight,” I sighed, setting my elbows on the counter. An uncontrollable pulse began to throb in my head. “I’m sorry for dragging you into this.”

He shrugged. “I’m glad you came up to me. This party was boring me to death.” He turned on his side and nodded at someone behind me. I followed his line of sight. His friends were calling us over. But Matt’s hostile gaze grabbed my attention. He was sulking in the corner of the table.

“Your friend doesn’t seem to buy my story.” I commented, outlining the lips of my glass. He didn’t say anything, so I asked. “Do you have a girlfriend?”
M “Oh, sh it,” I facepalmed myself. “I’m really sorry, Damian. I will straighten things out before this night ends.”

He tilted his head to the side, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. ‘Why did that look so hot on him? 28%
“I do have a girlfriend. You,” he said, his lips stretching into a wide smile. It reached his eyes, and they sparkled in a way that made my insides shiver.

I rarely see Damian smiling. He’s always brooding and hostile to everyone. I wish I could see more of that smile. I rolled my eyes and fought off the blush creeping on my cheeks “Jerk.” I giggled. Damian chuckled, surprising me. It sounded deep and cool, like diving into the ocean in the heat of the summer.

I wanted to hear it again. He gripped the back of my seat and spun me unceremoniously. “Will you stop doing that?” I groaned. “The world is f ucking spinning.”-
He laughed again, setting his broad hands on my knees. Finding my equilibrium.

I realized I was facing him now, and he was so close, so close that I could feel his warm breath against my face.
Damian was so much taller than me. I had to crane my neck to meet his eyes.

They were sparkling with circles of gold and brown, catching the lights from the bar. I shivered when his thumb gently caressed my skin, kick-starting a fluttering between my thighs. This was probably the part where I tell him we were only pretending and no one was looking at us anymore.

But his touch felt so good it left me speechless.
He removed what little space was between our faces and whispered in my ears. “I think I’ll need to know how Felicity Adams got into your head to sell this act.”

I swallowed, inhaling a lungful of his sp icy masculine perfume. She didn’t,” I said, which wasn’t a total lie. Felicity wasn’t exactly the only reason, but the culmination of everything that happened since yesterday blowing up on my face and alcohol just made it worse.
Damian tucked my hair behind my ears. His eyes boring holes into mine. “You can lie to them, but not to me. Millicent. I know you.”

‘He know me?” I frowned. I never thought he paid me any mind back in high school.
He tilts his head, his expression tinged with amusement, like he enjoys me quivering under his gaze. “That girl tried to get a reaction from you since freshman year. Fourteen years later, she finally got one. What’s the deal?”

My mouth formed in the shape of an ‘o. He does know me. And he knew who Felicity was. He pretended he didn’t know her for my benefit. And that he was aware of Felicity targeting me since freshman year made my heart swell. So he noticed me. after all. Was it also true that he thinks smart girls are hot?

in “It’s been a long day, and I’ve had enough of life’s bull shi t,” I admitted, shivering. It felt as though someone was boring holes.
back. I peered over my shoulder, finding endless faces I couldn’t put a name on.

The crowd was busy, the music was buzzing, and my eyes were unfocused due to my alcohol intake, my
Damian h ooked his finger under my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes. I blinked, eyelashes fluttering as I focused on his eyes.

They were so green and so intense. And his voice. Goodness. I almost moaned at the delicious sound when he spoke in that gravelly tone. “I like hearing you talk dirty. I have to ask, though, why’d you come up to me?” “You’re fishing, Damian.”

I slapped his hand away, emptying the last of my vodka cran, and ordered another, but Damian ordered a glass of water instead. “No more alcohol, Millicent
“Pooper,” I murmured, but honestly, I was grateful he was not taking advantage of the situation. “You were the only guy I knew who wasn’t a creep.

You’re a total flirt, but not a creep.” I sipped my water. “Solid reasoning even when drunk,” he stated. “I’m impressed. I don’t believe I am reasonable at all. I knew alcohol and I will forever dance the tango of a love-hate relationship. My next statement proved that. “And I have had a crush on you since high school.”

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