Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 43

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 43 – -MILLIE-

Damian’s touch and kiss were both gentle and possessive. It was a perfect combination of playful and tender like he was afraid to break me, yet he couldn’t wait to ravish me. I like it. I like it very much.

This was different from what we had in New York. For me, at least. Accepting what I felt for Damian made me see things from a different angle. Our relationship had an expiration date. This was the only way I could have him, and I intend to make the most of it.

Earlier, when Damian left radiating with anger, Gian told me I was out of my mind to even fake things with him. My friend pointed out that my history with Damian was nothing compared to what I had with Hunter. There was one thing sure about. this deal. I’ll end up with a broken heart.

Stu pid? Maybe. But knowing I only had limited time with the man I love heightened every emotion coursing through my body. Excitement. Lust. Desire, Fear.
Curiosity will be the death of me, but I want to know what it’s like to be with Damian In the flurry of nipping and biting.

I took the courage, opened my mouth, darting my tongue out, and traced Damian’s lips. He growled, his finger digging into my butt cheeks.
I was only getting the hang of his kisses when he pulled away, dark eyes pinning me with a commanding stare.

An audible gasp fell from my lips when he lifted me, setting me down on the couch, his brawny arms caging me down.
“This situation familiar to you?” he murmured, burying his face in the junction of my neck and shoulder, his teeth scraping my skin.

I moaned, my back arching off the couch, my stiff nipples grazing his chest, begging for his attention.
Did he ask me something? I blinked up at the starry sky, remembering the question.

“My apartment in New York.” I moaned, yelping when he gripped my hips and yanked me down until my a ss was hanging off the couch. He chuckled darkly. I should have been scared of his predatory gaze, but it thrilled me to my core.

Gian was right. I was out of my mind…
Damian settled between my parted legs, resting his calloused hands on top of my knee.

Then, with such slowness that made me dizzy, his hands slid up my thighs until they disappeared under my nightgown. With each inch his hands covered, my heartbeat skyrocketed. I feared it would burst out of my chest until Damian paused, all traces of playfulness leaving his face.

“You’re f ucking bare, Millicent,” he rasped, his molars grounding as his fingers dug into the junction of my legs and hips where my panties should have been resting. “You wanted this,” he murmured, mulling over this discovery.

An army of ants crawled under my skin as I watched his gaze darkened, turning feral while he licked his lips. He was a hungry beast, and I was his meal.
“Yes, Damian.” He wasn’t asking, but I felt the need to respond. I want him to know I am a hundred percent sure of what we’re doing.

An animalistic sound rumbled from his chest. In the blink of an eye, he reached up and ripped my nightgown in the middle, exposing my body to his scrutiny. The dimmed light on the balcony did nothing to stop Damian’s eyes from taking Π.

Rome Fletcher suddenly crossed my mind. I knew it wasn’t him who was looking down at my body, so I fought the urge to cover my nakedness.
Being perceptive, Damian saw the slight tremble of my lips catching a whiff of my hesitation.

“That f ucker doesn’t get the privilege of getting between us, baby Damian cupped my face and pulled me for a torrid kiss until my lungs begged for air. “I will erase everything he did to you” ။
nodded, trusting hinr completely, burying my fingers in his hair, and pulled him for another kiss.

I want to forget, and Damian was a willing accomplice to my mission.
It’s Damian who’s touching me. These words played like a mantra in my head until I lost myself in his touch.

Gently, Damian guided the straps of my dress down my shoulder. He tossed the shredded fabric over his shoulder and pushed my legs apart, spreading them wide, exposing me completely.

The cool air blasted my pu ssy as a new gush of my excitement rushed down my center.
Damian lifts his knuckles up to his mouth, biting down on it.
Holy f uck. Eyes wide. I watched, mesmerized, as Damian grabbed my trembling hands, lifting them up towards my breast.

“Show me what makes you feel good,” he groaned.
Panting, I swallowed hard and pinched my nipples, toying with them like I would when I was alone. Though my hands were shaking, I plucked and pulled my pebbled buds, moaning as a dizzying sensation washed over me. It was the way Damian watched me, devouring me with his gaze.

Smirking, he lowered his face between my legs, eyes still glued on mine.
“Oh sh it,” I whimpered at the first stripe his tongue drew on my slit, sending my head back against the backrest of the couch, my toes pointing towards the cold floor. “Damian.”

His hands pushed my thighs further apart, his tongue plundered my p ussy like a miner searching for gold. He pushed and pulled, licked and slurped, invading and exploring relentlessly until I was moaning and whimpering his name like a prayer.

I love the way his fingers dig on the inside of my thighs. They would surely leave marks there, but I’d gladly bear his marks like a prize. I love the feel of his mouth on me. My head tossed side to side. Hips bucking as my fingers moved against my nipples, pinching and tugging.

From the first time Damian touched me, I knew he was different. This man had skills. His expert hands knew where to touch me, and now his tongue… G od. I can’t even put into words the skills he’s bestowing upon me. He’s sending me skyrocketing towards the finale without mercy.

And the noise he’s making, he sounds like a man tasting his first meal after a long period of starvation. His grumble of pleasure vibrated through my entire body. I was coming. There was no controlling this anymore. Though I wanted this moment to last, I couldn’t hold it in. I came hard. Fast.

Black dots danced on the back of eyelids, and my world spun.
It was a beautiful ending that had me seeing galaxies whirling around me.

He didn’t stop until I was shuddering in pleasure. My body collapsed on the couch; his name was the only thing running through my dizzy head.
Damian lifted his face, studying me. I lay sprawled on the couch legs spread wide, wanton and riding the waves of his intoxicating touch.

He exceeded my expectations, and I could barely remember my name.
I barely comprehend what happened next. Damian gathered me in his arms and walked us inside the room, laying me on the bed.

He disappeared on the ensuite and came out with a damp towel. I blinked up at him, frowning.
“What about you?” I pushed up on my elbows, sitting up straight.

“I’m drunk,” he murmured, sliding the towel on the inside of my thighs. I bit my lip when he patted my well-ravished pu ssy. I was still sensitive. “When I take you, I want to be sober.” “Oh,” my mouth parted.

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