Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 44

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 44 – -DAMIAN-

I woke up to the sound of the hairdryer from the ensuite. With half-shut eyes, I left the bed and padded across the room, freezing by the ensuite door. Millicent stood in front of the vanity in the se xiest pair of white lace underwear I had ever seen.

Her skin glows against the overhead lights, her lithe fingers running through her damp hair while the other follows with the hair dryer.
Teeth clamped on my lower lip.

I leaned against the door frame committing to memory how she shifted her weight on her tippy toes, angling her head side to side to check her hair and how her as s looked f u cking fantastic in that barely there underwear. My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, eyeballing her breast.

My c ock stirred to life. I remember the way she played with her t its while I ate her out. Becoming aware of my watching eyes, Millicent shifted to the side, eyes locking with mine. Slowly, red stained her cheeks as she smiled sheepishly. So f ucking cute.

“Hi.” I smiled at her, vacating my spot by the door frame. “H-hi, she stuttered, throat bobbing up and down as her eyes caressed my bare chest.
I stood behind her, facing the vanity mirror, rubbing my messy hair. “Have a shower with me.” She bit her lip. “I just showered.”

I smirked, liking how she was trying to resist this pull between us. She would give in eventually. I went to take that shower: my morning wood wasn’t going anywhere, even with the ice-cold water pelleting my skin.

I tried not to think about last night. My co ck was raging hard to the point of being painful, but there was no denying how much I craved to be buried balls deep in Millicent’s sweet c unt. That wasn’t even a metaphor. I could still taste her on my tongue.

She’s juicer than peaches in July and sweeter than apples freshly picked from the trees.

I came out of the shower, a towel riding low on my hips. Millicent was now stroking a brush on her cheeks; her a ss jutted our as she leaned closer to the mirror. Eyes dropping lower, I groaned at the sight of her legs. Had I mentioned she had legs for days? She wore strappy red heels.

If she did that on purpose, it’s f ucking working. One day, I would f uck her wearing nothing but that strappy red heels.
I moved behind her, grabbing my toothbrush and rubbing against her. “Sorry.”
I was anything but.

She blushed, our eyes locking in the mirror. Keeping my spot behind her, I rubbed against her each chance I got, loving how she gasped when my c ock slid against the cra ck of her a ss.
If she intentionally teased me with this underwear and heels, two could play this game.

Millicent said nothing, but a small smile played on her lips. She smooths down a clear gloss over her lip. I leaned forward and ground myself against her again, her eyes widening as my c ock jerked against her a ss.

This wasn’t how I pictured things would go between Millicent and 1. After what she went through with Rome, this was the
thing the needed, but I couldn’t help it. She could take me down to my knees just by standing here, looking like the goddess that she was
Pare 1 should be smart about this.

I don’t want Millicent running for the hills again, but the right thing and what I want are the exact opposite, so I tested the waters again. “I want your lips around my co ck.”
Her eyes rounded lips hanging open. “What?”

“You heard me. I want you on your knees so I could f uck your smart mouth, Millicent.”
Like last night, I fully expected her to slap me in the face or sass me off, but she surprised me again. She closed the lid of her lip gloss, tossing it on the small bag on the counter. Then she turned, hands gripping the edge of the sink.
“I should help Andrea and Candice make breakfast.”

Caging her with my hands on each side of her hips, I pinned her with a heated stare. Why I’m pushing my luck with her was beyond me. But the fact that she didn’t tell me off made my co ck harder than diamond and stiffer than a pole. I want to see how far she would let me go this time. I wanted to see her riled up until she begged me to f uck her, take her the way I wanted to take her since New York.

“You’re having your breakfast here. I’m gonna stuff your mouth with my co ck so get on your knees and suck, Millicent.”
To my f ucking amazement, she reached between us and grabbed my di ck through the towel. I nearly wept with relief at the warmth of her hand.

I saw it in her eyes then, how much she f ucking wanted the same thing I do. She wanted this, and she liked being bossed inside the bedroom; the dirty talk turned her on a f ucking lot.
She lightly squeezed me. I groaned, lips curling as my eyelids lowered.

“On your knees, now,” I growled, blindly trying to keep a steady footing. Her touch was so f ucking intoxicating I see stars dancing around us.
This towel needed to go. I want to feel her hands around my di ck and that f ucking mouth. G odda mn.

She gave me an inch, and I wanted to take the mile.
Bending on the waist, I pressed my lips on her bare shoulder and scraped my teeth up her collarbone and throat. I loved how she smelled and how she tasted. She shivered as I lightly bit on her earlobes, her hands tightening around my c ock.

A knock on the door startled Millicent, making me groan and lift my head so I could stare down at Millicent, growling as she
loosened her hold on me.

“Don’t you f ucking let go of my co ck. Millicent.”
She giggled, pressing her free hand on my chest, lightly pushing
“Millie?” my step-sister called. I heard her trying to open the bedroom door. “Millie, are you up? We need to be in

I frowned at Millicent. She didn’t tell me she planned to leave the house.
“I’ll be out in a minute!” Millicent shot back, and her hands remained holding my di ck in a warm grip.

We listened for a while, and when Candice didn’t reply, I stared down at Millicent and admired how effortlessly stunn looked. Her makeup was light, close to nothing apart from the pink lipstick she had on. Her golden hair falls like water over her shoulder. I pushed them back so I could admire her breast up close and under proper lightning.

“You working already?” I asked, sliding a finger under the strap of her bra, tracing it up and down. Her hands tightened around me the closer I got to her nipples.
“It’s Georgina. She’s coming to Roslin City today about their anniversary,” she moaned as I flicked her nipples. They pebbled beneath the lacy fabric, pushing to be relieved.

“That’s it?” I asked, groaning as she released me, fighting the need swirling in her ey
“I have to be there,” she pressed her forehead against my shoulder, both hands pushing against my chest. “She’s my client.”

“Take Riggs.” I h ooked a finger beneath her chin, giving her no choice but to look me in the eye. I knew she would protest, but I beat her to it. “That’s not up for discussion. You won’t even realize he’s there.”

She gnawed on her lower lip, “Except that I do.”
“I’m not taking any chances, Millicent.”
She nodded, knowing arguing would be futile. “I have to get ready.”
I looped an arm around her waist. “We have time.”
Her eyes lit up. “We don’t. Candice would know what we’re doing in here.” She was breathless,

I reluctantly stepped, eyes feasting on her body. “She knows not to meddle with my business.
I couldn’t help but pull Millicent for a scorching kiss, groaning at her sweet taste. She moaned, tossing her arms around my neck, rubbing her body against mine.
F ucking hell. She felt so good. I playfully bit her lower lip and let her go. “Go now while I’m letting you.”

Her giggle as she stepped into that white dress was music to my ears.

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