Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 42

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 42 – Like a f ucking creep,

I watched Millicent roll on her back on the bed, the blanket slipping low on her waist. Even though the room was barely lit, I could see the outline of her body. Her ti ts straining against the silk fabric of her nightgown, teasing me to f ucking give in to this burning desire to take her.

I knew Candice would be coming over. I asked her to accompany Millicent for the night, but she didn’t inform me she’d bring that Italian punk who pulled Millicent into a giant bear hug the moment he saw her.

When Riggs, the head of security. told me Candice had brought a guy with her, a nagging feeling settled within me. And when I saw how Millicent’s face lit up. at the sight of him and how she welcomed him with open arms, I nearly crushed my mobile phone while I was watching the CCTV footage.

I meant to surprise Millicent by coming home two days earlier than my schedule, but I was the one bombarded with a n un wanted surprise hearing her say I Love You to another man. Sure, I heard her call him her best friend, but it didn’t lessen the force of jealousy that hit me.

I’ve known Millicent was special to me, but tonight’s event enlightened me about how much I want Millicent to be mine. I don’t understand what I’m feeling, nor do I have the word to describe it, and f uck if I know what to do with it,

I lift the wine bottle to my lips, s taggering across the room towards the balcony, welcoming the cool air blasting from the ocean as I slumped on the outdoor couch. Resting my head on the backrest, I stared at the tw nkling stars in the sky, cursing myself for feeling this way.

Millicent owes me nothing apart from what’s written on our contract. That’s why I left like a coward after hearing her conversation with that f ucking Italian.
“She owes me f ucking nothinged, shutting my eyes. I can’t even hate her for talking to that Italian punk.

I remained unmoving, listening to Millicent’s light footsteps as she stepped out of the balcony.

“What are you doing out here?” her voice was rough with sleep, and f uck if my c ock didn’t like that sound of that.
“Go back to sleep. Millicent,” I said, keeping my eyelids shut. “You need rest.”
Then come sleep beside me,” she suggested.

What a f ucking tempting offer. If she could read what’s running through my mind, she would stay as far away from me as possible.
She stood in front of me, the calla lilies on her body wash cut through the salty ocean air, and her body heat vibrated against my knee. All I had to do was reach out and pull her onto my lap, then surrender to these unholy visions in my head.

G od, f ucking help me.
“I will,” I murmured. “I just need to finish this.” Lifting the wine bottle up, I opened my eyes and was met with the sight of the goddess standing before me.

Brown eyes glistened with concern I didn’t deserve, soft jaws framed with golden hair, and the outline of a body sculpted by the go d s themselves beneath that thin red night down. Legs for days that I’d dreamed of having wrapped around my waist a hundred times…

These thoughts need to stop right f ucking now. My eyes caressed her body back up until I met her brown eyes again; I took a long a ss sip of my wine just to get my mind out of ravaging her body like a starving man. My fingers almost broke through.

the bottle. “Are you… are you mad at me she bit her lower lip, shifting all her weight to one foot.
“I have no right to be mad at you.”

“You don’t, but are you
I smirked. “What if I am? What are you gonna do about it?”

She considered her response. “What do you want me to do?”
She was asking the right questions at the wrong time and in the wrong setting. “You can’t give me what I want.”

A gust of wind blew from the ocean, ushering a strong scent of her body wash in my direction. Millicent was busy combing her hair away from her face to notice how my gaze licked down her body once again.

“Tell me.”
Jaw clenched tightly, I debated lying to her face. After what she’d been through, she needed a man who’d protect her, respect her, someone who’d put her first. A f u cking gentleman.

It must be the alcohol or this f ucking possessiveness that I’d been bottling up since this contract had begun because what came out of my mouth next was the opposite of being a gentleman.

“These hands,” I lift my right hand up, “it’s itching to slide up your legs and find out what you have underneath that skimpy nightgown you’re wearing.”
She gasped, eyes glazing over as she digested what I said. I expected her to turn around,

or better yet, sass nie off, tell me how I was stepping over the line, but then she surprised me by staying rooted where she stood, throat bobbing slowly as she swallowed hard. “And then?”

Knuckles turning white as I gripped the wine bottle. I set my elbows above my knees; my dark gaze clashed with her glassy ones. “If I tell you, I’d have to act on my words.”

It was a warning. She needed to make a decision because I wouldn’t have a repeat of what happened in New York. She’s sober, and I’m f ucking drunk with lust, salivating for a single taste of her. No amount of alcohol could make me forget about this need to make her mine anymore.

“Tell me…..” her voice dropped, eyelids lowering as her lips quivered. Her body vibrated with anticipation of my response.
I looked away from her. “I don’t have a lot of self-control right now. You should go back to bed.”

‘Stay away, Millicent, I silently prayed to the heavens.
“Is that what you want me to do?” She squared her shoulders, standing taller. “I want to know, Damian,”
“You don’t want to know half of what I’m thinking.”
“That sounds like a warning,” she f ucking knows, and she’s playing with fire.

“That’s exactly what that was.” I trailed my gaze over her body once again, allowing her to peek at what was going through my head.
Millicent surprised me by stepping between my parted legs; her lithe fingers grazed my hand as she took the wine bottle
from me.

“Gian is my friend and nothing more.” She set the bottle on the floor, her face leveling with mine. Her sinfully thin gowni was loose on the top enough to give me a teasing view of her breasts.
“I know.”

“Then why are you mad?”
She placed her hands on my shoulder, using them as leverage, sitting astride my thighs. Her body heat clashing with mine sent my co ck kicking against my jeans. I badly wanted to touch her and run my hand down her body, feel her skin against mine, but I kept them on her waist, gripping tightly as she settled on my lap.

You know the answer to that, Millicent.”
“I want to hear it, Damian,” she murmured, curiosity and anticipation shining in her eyes as they roamed over my face.

Her delicate fingers run through my hair, combing them out of my face. My fingers dug into her waist. Millicent gasped, her eyes turning hooded.

“Millicent, if we cross this line again, I don’t care what we’re calling it anymore. I allowed you to walk away from this once, and I won’t be able to let you go again.”

Her mouth parted in shock, lust, and desire, then it quickly morphed into courage as she replied. “Then don’t.” I didn’t recognize the sound that rumbled from my throat as I crushed my lips on hers.

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