Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 27

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 27 – -MILLIE-

Damian took me to a small Italian restaurant in the city. It was a hidden gem with an intimate atmosphere.

The server guided us to a corner booth with a single rose on top of the table. We slid into our seats opposite one another, and the server waited for us to order drinks,

1 settled for Aperol, and Damian ordered a bottle of Corona. Once the server left, Damian started to spill the reason he came to Manhattan unannounced.
To my dismay, he didn’t come here just because he missed me. I cannot blame him. I practically rejected him when he told me he wanted more.

This displeasure nagging the inside of my chest was like an itch I can’t reach to scratch.

“What are we gonna do?” I asked, toying with the white straw on my glass of Aperol.

Nancy had already set a date for our engagement party, a surprise freaking party, two weeks from now. Knowing how Damian hated surprise parties, Luke kindly gave him a heads-up. I wonder if Candice already knows about this.

“First, we need to buy you a ring.” he murmured, reading over the menu.

My stomach was so tight that the thought of eating, no matter how I craved Italian food, made me queasy. I kept it together, though, flaunting a calm facade as I scanned my menu when inside, I was a raving wreck of nerves. Knowing Nancy, she probably already booked a church for our wedding.

Damian and I getting married? Oh, my God. Shivers prickled my spine. “You mean the two-karat diamond ring?” I snorted, scamming the menu, unseeing.

Damian leaned back in his woven chair; the lights attached to the restaurant’s brick wall cast a pale, warm glow on his features. He was dressed casually in faded jeans and a vintage white tee. Whatever this guy wore, he made it look like a steal from GQ magazine.

He lowered his menu on the table, swiped a thumb under his stubbled chin as he pinned me with a thoughtful gaze. “Yep. I’d been buying some time with that ring and proposal, actually.” “What do you mean?” I blinked up at him, lowering my menu as well.

“Nancy kept asking me when I’ll properly propose to you.” His tone was relaxed. “I think that’s why she kept this engagement party a secret.”
“Should we discuss that too?…” I trailed off, stationing my elbows on the table, leaning forward. “The proposal.”

The image of Damian bending on one knee, popping the question, “Will you marry me?’ crossed my mind a han times. And my teenage self had dreamt about that, making different scenarios in various romantic places all over Damian chuckled.

1. “Nah, leave that to me. This might be the only time I’ll ever propose, so I want to make it count 1 giggled, and the server returned to take our orders: Fritto misto, fennel and orange, beef short rib for Damian, and ribeye steak for me with panna cotta for dessert.

A comfortable silence hovered on our table as the server left. I ran the pad of my thumb on the stem of my glass Damian sipped his beer silently s while“You haven’t talked to me since Seattle.” He reached over the linen for my hand, circling his thumb over my knuckles.

1 chewed my lip. », debating whether to make a petty lie or tell him the truth. I sighed and answered him with a bit of both. “Work kept me busy, and I don’t know where we left things off.

I kinda assumed you were mad at me or something” “I’d never be mad at you for keeping to our deal, Millicent,” he said pointedly, as though my answer offended him. “You never called.” I tossed back his accusation.

“I crossed a lot of lines that night,” he explained. “I was giving you time to process everything. Then space turned to distance.”

27%. Now that he put it out there, I felt even more conflicted about what this was between us. We were planning on how to make this fake engagement believable, but this conversation we’re having now is for a couple in an actual relationship.

“And I’ve been dealing with Nancy’s nagging over the past weeks” He released my hand and drew a long pull of his beer. “I might have told her you’re moving in with me soon.”

“You what?!” I blurt out, eyes bulging out from my skull. My outburst amassed a few curious gazes in our direction. “That’s not part of our deal.

He raised his hands, throwing a white flag. “She showed up at my place and fired up questions about why I haven’t been taking good care of you.

She asked me why you’re still living in your shabby apartment. You know Nancy,” he murmured. sticking his lower lip out in a manner that made him look so much younger than his age. I bit my lower lip. He’s so adorable sometimes.

“So I told her we’re still figuring out our living situation, but after you and Pigtails are still in the process of moving your business to Roslin City.”

Candice wasn’t kidding when she said that Nancy’s attention would be focused on Damian and me.
“This is the first time I had a girlfriend, a fiancee, so she’s keen on sealing this marriage as soon as she can.”

At the beginning of this agreement, I thought our biggest problem would be Natalie, Hunter, and Sonja. Turns out, it was Nancy. She did this same thing to Candice growing up.

She ensured her daughter had a well-laid map of her future and that she stuck to it, only veering on a different timeline or destination if it was better than her original path “Candice is over the moon celebrating her freedom right now, huh?” I nudged Damian’s foot with mine.

He chuckled, shaking his head. “Pigtails owe us big time for this one.”

Over dinner, we made plans for our living arrangements after the engagement. Candice had already found an office space for Effortless Events in Roslin City. Tomorrow, I will be packing my things and the movers will be here in two days.

Then Damian had already bought the Sten mansion, and it’s still under renovation.
“That will buy us more time.” He said as he walked me to my door.

Despite the dilemmas we’re facing in our fake engagement, I enjoyed my time with Damian. Denying that he’s been the source of my comfort since we started fake dating would be foolish.

I faced Damian; the golden light in the hallway radiated soft shadows over his features. “Thank you for dinner. I had fun tonight
*Planning a future with you was fun,” he jabbed back, shoving his hands in his jeans pocket.

1 giggled, tucking my hair behind my ears. My cheeks sustained a permanent blush since the kiss on the street. “Are you still staying at your assistant’s condo?”

“Okay.” I chewed my lip, perusing my mind for more questions to ask him I didn’t want this night to end yet – but came out empty-handed.
I could invite hing for a drink, but then he’d be driving. His limit was one beer, which he already had in the restaurant. Coffee maybe?

Oh dammit!
“Well, drive safely “I played with my apartment keys.
My stomach dropped when he said nothing; he just kept staring at me.

“Good night,” I said and turned, slotting the key into my door.
I spun and faced him. “Yeah?”

He stepped forward, grabbed my waist, and lowered his lips to mine. His kiss was gentle, as though he was savoring the taste of my lips. 1 looped my arms around his neck, doing the same. Before things heated up, Damian pulled away, raked a hand through his hair, and stared at me with those same intent emeralds.

“Good night.” He walked towards the elevator, and I went inside my place, pressing my back on the door, cursing myself for not taking the initiative. He was clearly handing over the reins to me. Why can’t I take a step forward and take what I want?

I dropped my bag and keys on the floor, opened the door to chase after him, freezing when Damian stood there, knuckles ready to knock at my door.

“Did you forget something?” I asked stupidly.
“…” he searched for words, spearing his fingers through his hair, frustration evident on his face. He pinched his eyes shut, pinning me with a dangerous stare when he finally glanced at me. “Were you going somewhere?”

I swallowed past the lump in my throat, making up my mind. “I was gonna chase after you and ask if you’d like to stay i for coffee.”
Real smooth, Millicent.

Damian’s rough voice confirmed his desire. “I’d say yes, but I won’t stay for coffee.” My entire body trembled when he stepped forward, invading my personal space. “If I walk through this door, we’re breaching our agreement. Everything will change. Is that something you want?”
I made up my mind, so I stepped aside, opened the door wider, and invited him in.

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