Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 28

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 28 – -DAMIAN-

Once the door closed, I backed Millicent up to the door, pressed my mouth on hers, a ravenous man tasting his first meal after a long period of starvation.

Millicent made a surprised ump sound, thrusting her fingers through my hair. I took that as permission and shamelessly poured everything that had been swirling inside me since we started this deal. My need to have her, touch her, let her know how f ucking crazy she makes me.

One hand weaving into her hair, I tugged her head back to gain better access to her lush mouth, my plunderous tongue teasing hers to dance in a lustful rhythm, Millicent tried to keep up, standing on her tippy toes, climbing me like a tree.

Bur when my free hand started to scale the curves of her waist and the swell of her hips, she shivered against me. I was reminded of all the things her ex forced her to do.

Like a bucket of ice-cold water dumped over my head, I slowed my kiss and remembered that I had to take things slow with her. This woman isn’t some random chick I picked up in a bar.

Releasing her hair. I scooped her in my arms and carried her to the couch, avoiding boxes stacked in the living room.

Sitting with her in my lap. I repositioned her to straddle me. The mini skirt she wore rolled up her thighs. The view of her lacy underwear made my mouth water.
“Damian, she breathed into my mouth, eyes blown with lust.

I need Millicent to make the first move. I’m giving her all the reins. And when she leaned forward and pressed her lips against mine, I knew there was no going back.
I slapped my palms on the outside of her thighs. My grip was possessive.

Millicent rubbed her body on me like a feline seeking warmth, burying her fingers through my hair. She licked my lips, demanding entry. I gave her what she needed and groaned at the way her tongue lapped on my own.

G od help me.
Grunting, my hands inched higher, passing the lace fabric of her underwear, sliding under her top, resting on the underside of her breast. Millicent pushed her chest against mine, moaning in my mouth as my thumb pushed under her bra, searching for her nipples.

My thumb glides over her taut little buds. They were so hard I wanted to savor them with my tongue.
“Millicent,” I groaned, switching our position, kneeling between her parted legs.

I stared deep into her eyes. When did she become so f ucking beautiful? I don’t know what the f u ck I’m do that I need to touch her, connect with her in ways only a lover would.

Her chest heaved, biting her quivering lips as our eyes spoke of what we refused to admit to each other.

All t leading to this moment, the tension and spark every time we steal kisses hiding under the pretense of our de knew that what we were about to do would not only cross the line of our agreement, but we’d be erasing it.

I held her gaze as I reached for the hem of her blouse, searching for hesitation. Her throat bobbed as she swallow tossed her top aside, feasting on the perfection before me. She wore a matching white lace bra, her nipples poking the sheer fabric, begging for attention.

Still holding her eyes, I dared slide my hand up her thighs again, this time seeking her heat through her panties. Her trembling thighs clamped shut, slapping against my hips.

“I want to watch you come, Millicent, I barely recognized the gruff voice that tumbled past my lips. It was thick with nee and desire.

Her breath was harsh. I leaned forward and kissed her, pushing her panties aside and swiping my thumb on her slit. I groaned. She was so f ucking hot and wet. I teased her mouth with mine, kissing her through distraction until I felt her legs fall open.

“Let me make you feel good, I murmured, tracing the length of her with my fingertips. “Let me take care of you.”

She whimpered when my fingers slowly explored her pleasure. She got wetter the minute; her body shivered the more I touched her. I slid further down, teasing her entrance, my mouth sketching a line down her throat, feeling her pulse against my lips.

Her back arched forward, whimpering my name. “Damian.”

My thumb found her little cli t, lightly circling it, playing and teasing. She stared at the ceiling with dilated eyes, giving me access to the columns of her throat. I pressed my lips on her pulse; it quickened as I pushed a finger inside her.

She pinched her eyes shut, panting slightly in a pre-S** haze as I worked her body expertly and carefully. Her chest heaved. and she moaned when I stroked her cl it, pumping a finger inside her.

I bent my head, pulled the cups of her bra down, and claimed one of her pert nipples My tongue swirled to the same rhythm I stroked her pus sy. Her breath comes out in a short gasp. I lifted my heard, watched her face as I moved my finger faster inside her.

She rocked her hips, the tips of her stilettos pointing on the floor, legs trembling against my side as I clamped a hand on her
“Let me watch.” I murmured. “open your eyes, Millicent.”

The vulnerability in her brown eyes left me speechless. I was taking what I wanted, and Millicent was giving up more than she signed up for. Consumed by desire, a wild thought crossed my mind. I wanted to be the only guy to see her like this. I want to protect this woman from anyone who dared try to hurt her again.

Mine. She was mine.

Plundering her softness like my co ck would her pu ssy, I slammed my lips against her, loving how she took everything I gave willingly.
She was so wet, so soft, and so f ucking perfect.

I slammed two fingers inside her, loving how she cried out my name, her head rolling side to side. “You feel that. Millicent My fingers are inside you, f ucking your hot little pu ssy. From now on, I’m the only man who’d f u cking touch you this way. murmured “Hm? Would you like that?”

Her eyelids lowered, brown eyes wild with need, not answering. She whined when I pulled my finger out of he with her tight little bud.
“Who do you belong to?” I demanded. Her hips lifted, seeking my touch.

“Damian!” she groaned in protest.
“Do you like the way I touch you?” I toyed with her cl it, loving how her body reacted to my touch, hips thrusting hand, begging for more.

“Yes. Go d, yes, the last one sounded more like a plea
Ircled her opening She was panting, her fingers fis ting on her side as she pushed her body to me. I sucked on her m until they were painfully hard
“Do you trust me, Millicent?”

She swallowed, eyes glazed over. “Yes, Damian
I pawed the back of her neck and pressed our foreheads together, teasing her entrance. “Who do you belong to?“
“You, Damian..

That was all the answert needed. I shoved two fingers inside her claiming her lips as I f ucked her with my hand, pumping my fingers in and out of her. Her hips rolled, meeting my thrust as she cried out my name. I moved my fingers faster. penetrating her depths.

“Oh G od,” she cried. My fingers, slick with her desire, mimicked how my c ock would plunder her p ussy.
“You’re mine, Millicent.” I stated, burying my fingers and then curling them when I found her g-spot,

I stroked her pus sy like it was my favorite pet, caressing it with a delicate touch, marking her as mine. Her entire body arched at my touch. Her heavy, lidded eyes locked with mine as she came with a cry of my name. “You’re my woman, and this body is mine.”

I kept stroking her, her walls choking my digits as I milked every last drop of her or gasm. My chest swelled with primal victory as I watched her come down from her high.

She was heaving, eyes glued to my face as I pulled my fingers out of her. She watched me clean her release from my fingers with my tongue, falling limp in my arms as I cradled her spent body. We sat there for a while on the floor: Millicent curled on my lap as I stroked her hair.

“What about you?” she murmured, sleep heavy in her tone.
“Tonight was about you,” I murmured. That wasn’t what I had in mind when I walked through her door. Hell, this wasn’t what I planned when I asked her to pretend to be my girlfriend. But after seeing her vulnerability, I want to give her everything she deserves.

“I want to please you too.” She yawned.
“You already did, baby.” I kissed the top of her head and carried her inside her bedroom.

She had already dozed off as I cleaned her up. I debated staying or leaving. We didn’t exactly have a clause for staying over after I gave her an org asm. stayed and slept on her couch. When she wakes up, she wouldn’t think this was a one time thing I barely dozed off when my phone vibrated in my pocket.

It was Danny and that go d forsaken Belmont hotel. That project was starting to get on my nerves. Whoever the f uck was sabotaging me needed to be handled fast. Ripping one sheet from Millicent’s notepad beside the landline, I explained why I had to leave and promised to make it up to her on our next date.

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